What I Actually Think About Stay-At-Home-Moms

What I Actually Think About Stay-At-Home-Moms

What I Actually Think About Stay-At-Home-Moms

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  1. I support SAHMs. I have done both and it’s a ton of work. If you do it well and you are the home economist, you will be exhausted by the end of the day. If you think it’s easy, you’re not doing it well. (Also includes SAHDs, lol)

  2. Personally, I’m always concerned of skill atrophy. That too many years outside of the workforce hurts their skillset and income potential which is a huge problem should there be a divorce.

  3. Unsure about these stats. How do we know it’s solely about moms staying home rather than families in more affluent situations? As in better schools, better neighborhoods, better environments, etc. that people have when they can afford to have a stay-at-home parent.

  4. You can’t be a stay at home parent in this day and age. With the amount of ridiculous pricing these days you need two incomes to support a family.

  5. I’ve been both and the world definitely kicks the crap out of stay at home moms. I get a lot more respect as a working mom. It’s pretty sad.

  6. Some sham can’t afford to work. Soon to have 4 kids under 6. I would be spending more money in daycare alone than I would make per hr.

  7. not having a kid means she gets to keep her job and not incur 1 million dollars+ of expenses raising a child to 18. It’s a no-brainer financially

  8. Being a stay at home mom is challenging when the kids are babies and toddlers. Once the kids are fairly self sufficient and in school…then it becomes a cushy job where the only challenges to the day are what will fill your time from 7am to 3pm while the house is empty.

  9. Most women are way too lazy and most don’t have money management skills. It’s not hard living on one income if your financial responsibility and can manage money. People choose money of their own children’s childhood

  10. I agree with the point that being a stay at home mom is hard and quite respectable. My wife has been home with our kids since we had them. That said, I’ve learned a lot in those years. It is nowhere near the hardest or most stressful job. Look at the difficulty of each task in the profession, not just "oh no kids are hard and scary". Changing a diaper, cooking a meal, or doing some laundry is not even in the realm of workplace stress or danger. Police, military, oil workers, mine workers, the list goes on and on. SAHM are their own bosses, no deadlines, no drama, and no dress codes. There’s also two very different types of SAHM. One that does everything for the house and is truly a house wife, and the other "Instagram mom" that posts all day about how hard it is while their husband is at work and has a maid cleaning their house. Moms, know you’re appreciated, but know your job is not that hard when in perspective.

  11. What about stay at home dad’s? They get all the hate. My Fiance is in med school her income will probably be more than triple mine. It would be silly for her to stay at home.

  12. Remember that women who SAH will need to find the best provider so no calling them gold diggers. If divorcing, men will need to provide for the non-working women (alimony) and not taxpayers. Men will need to save more retirement to cover the SAH mother . This also is not the taxpayer’s duty.

  13. Much harder to cut up in class knowing Mom or Dad is just sitting at home wishing you would eff around so they can show up and help you find out. 😁

  14. As a single woman currently in the workforce, becoming a SAHW & mom is my ultimate dream!

    I cannot imagine having a child and thinking my work outside the home is more important than the blessing of being present full time to raise the next generation in a healthy, whole environment.

    I think society would be better off with more SAHMs taking care of their children and instilling good values instead of dual income where children don’t get to see their parents for most of the time and half the money is going toward many a strange people raising your kids. Not very ideal, at all.

    Ultimately Men and women are different, and I believe it’s more beneficial for a man’s morale and ethic to work outside the home while women take care of the home. This dynamic I’ve seen work the best and the children seem more well adjusted IMO.

  15. Parents should be sacrificing whatever it takes for the mother (or dad, whatever) to stay home and take care of their children. Arguably THE most important job on the entire planet. Look at what putting our children public indoctrination centers has created. Homeschooling is the most important thing a woman can do for her children. Stay at home mother is just as challenging, just as draining, but infinitely more important and far more satisfying than working for some soulless corporation everyday. In fact, Im in favor of taking away welfare from many people we have, diverting public school tax, and paying stay home mothers who have husbands that don’t make enough money.

  16. For some of us, it’s not that we can choose to stay home because we’re financially good, but that it doesn’t make sense because of high sitter costs as you get ready for work and commute- it ends up being more than you make. My fav moment was going to doc’s office after having kids and they ask me, “will you be going back to work?” – as if I was on vacation with an infant lol.

  17. What if your a stay at home mom and your one child is 29? lol…Why do people care? there are some moms that stay at home becasue its cheaper, some do it becasue they dont want to work, whats wrong with that…No one cares about the stay at home kids???

  18. I find it interesting that some people look down on stay at home moms.
    But will look up to people who retire early.

  19. Thank you Ken! I’m a SAHM because we chose to do it God’s ol’ fashioned way. (Understand not everyone gets that choice, my hubs works super hard so we can) We just couldn’t have children to have someone else raise them in a daycare. Plus we don’t do preschool; no need to when Mama’s home, and they’re always learning at home 👍 I’ll tell you right now, this is one of the hardest yet rewarding jobs! It’s a 24/7 job. I hardly even sit down. We’re a family who takes health serious and eat super healthy and watch toxins like in laundry soap and cleansing products for example. (Had all natural home births and exclusively breastfed for almost 3 yrs each son, PTL) But with that being said, I’m always in the kitchen cutting fresh fruits and veggies, making healthy meals (and way less money Bc we don’t eat out, plus then much healthier) along with dishes by hand (don’t have a dishwasher in our little home in the country, hubs built) what feels like all day long, along with everyone’s laundry (washing, drying, folding, putting away) cleaning, staying on top of finances, groceries ordered (do pick up at Wally World) and any other things need, staying organized, school stuff etc etc…… BUT I will say, once both boys are in school, then I do plan to do some PT job because I want to help bring in money for investing for our future and so can have family vacas more. Memories. ❤

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