1. Your nightmare is very rewarding, it gives you 50% of lifetime earning of someone that is not with you , people sympathize with you and believe you even if you were the abuser in the relationship and legally he can do nothing to protect himself

  2. Obviously it’s okay. Taking 50% of money you never earned. Everyone sympathize with you. Children love you. Men(dheads) still available

  3. Wow bunch of misogynist vomitting in the comment section. 50% of earning ? Seriously? Ever felt the pain of the women who is the victim of domestic abuse and decides to leave the marriage on the same ground ? I am a divorcee and i took hefty alimony bcoz he was gay . And yes ,only two people can tell what’s wrong in the marriage and why it did not work instead of loosers like u commenting on 50% .Btwn ,muft ki suggestion. Don’t get married . Bcoz then ur half of amount may also go.

  4. Entitled women with false expectations initiates most of the divorces and then later regrets it. It’s never "ok" to get divorce. It’s destroys a part of your soal.

  5. Divorce destroys the soul?? Hahahha
    Then what about marital rapes ? Domestic violence? Dowry deaths? For some loosers one shall remained married even if they are beaten to death ..

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