What if Tonga Blows up Again in 2022?

What if Tonga Blows up Again in 2022?

This is a volcanic eruption on one of the uninhabited islands in the Kingdom of Tonga. It was detected by a satellite on January the fifteenth, 2022. NASA researchers estimated the explosive force at ten megatons which is more than five hundred times as powerful as the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The blast was heard as far away as Alaska. The eruption released so much ash that it blanketed the nearby islands. Hundreds of homes were demolished. Over a hundred people were reported missing. The water was heavily polluted, and there was nothing left for people to drink.
However, it’s hardly surprising that the volcano became active. It has erupted regularly over the past few decades. But none of its previous eruptions can be described as large-scale; it just spewed magma and steam. A really powerful eruption occurs every thousand years.
In this video, you’ll find out: why was the blast wave so powerful? What are the casualties of this volcanic activity?
And most importantly, was it the last eruption?


  1. Does the scan of the caldera from space show anything? The way we see the caldera of Yellowstone Park’s caldera.

  2. *-Yes, very powerful and everything…but what about the megatsunamis…the drop in temperature and the collateral damage caused by the eruption?…..hahahahahahahaha,Toba,Taupo,Krakatoa,please don’t make me laugh*

  3. I never thought volcanic winter would be the way we go out. Everybody frozen solid for future generations to find and study.🤣
    Did I mention I really don’t like the cold? 😓

  4. I honestly hope the climate changes like tomorrow. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about it and being afraid of it let’s get it over with already

  5. Well in the Bible there are the seven plaques before humanity is destroyed the first was coronavirus the 2nd was this eruption but we all need to be weary of wha this next who actually knows for sure but the Bible hasn’t lied yet just keep that in your mind

  6. I was in berkley California ,I wasn’t a tub when the earthquake hit and almost caused a tsunami that hit san Francisco and hit our san Andrea’s fault line, California.

  7. I think it will definitely affect our planet’s climate because according to some experts, the volcano blasted 2.6 tons of ash into the stratosphere (correct me if I am wrong in that) and the stratosphere can hold that ash and spread it across the world and it is enough to cool down the Earth’s temperature a little bit which is quite great for climate change but no good for our health because when that falls, it is in a form of acid rain.

  8. I am so sad 😞 for those who lost their loved ones and houses 🏘️ .
    But if it’s erupt again it will create another Island 🏝️ name : " Hanga Panga Tanga Tunga lunga munga ha hu ha ho haa dunga "

  9. This is a Earth revenge, People are damaging her environment, so she damages their lifes. Sadly Even innocent people sometimes are in a disaster. If the people will not respect our planet, This will end in suffering for both of humans and the environment, as technology and Earth Fights with each other and Both of them will be disaster. But Even this sounds terrifying, The Nuclear War would be even worse than 11KM Asteroid, There will be no fight with Earth, But the humans themselves, Leading to Radiation fallout, So Indigenous humans, Animals, and Modern Humans Will have short Painful Life due to cancers from Radiation Exposure that Dominates the Surface of the Earth. So Forgot End of the World caused by Asteroids, This is a Real Threat. The Nights will not longer be Darkness full of Bright and Colorful Stars helping you see the way you walking and the Galaxies seen from space, It would be pure Green and Bright almost like a Crescent moon.

  10. I’m not buying an erupting volcano, I’ve been watching the weather charts very closely something was detonated inside it. Plus 7 sonic booms?

  11. But what if the Tonga caldera emerged again and erupted with a vei of 6, 7 or 8 then we are all dead. Hi I am from Tonga and my family was swept away by the tsunami and my uncle took me to live with him in the US.

  12. Thank you Earth’s leaders you killed earth. Now run away and go kill another planet lol laugh if that’s been happening since the arrival of man lol juss ran away from a planet we destroyed lol aliens be laughing at us for sure🤦so much years to adapt but we choose to look down at our phones💔

  13. Volcanoes are beautiful yet terrifying things you see it’s really scary to see people in tonga have their houses destroyed and people missing as well

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  15. It wasn’t a volcano that erupted it was a caldera. Big difference I was under impression it was an underwater volcano among the Ring of Fire. Californians swept away by tsunami 🌊 they didn’t take it seriously. It only affected coastlines.

  16. So that’s what happened during the tsunami warning. I didn’t know what the cause of it when the warning is blasting through our cellphones.

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