What is a Military Spouse Entitled to in a Divorce?

What is a Military Spouse Entitled to in a Divorce?

A military spouse can be entitled to lifetime health insurance through Tricare. A military spouse can be entitled to continue having a base ID card and PX privileges. Those two cannot be negotiated in a divorce case. It either is or is not applicable under the federal law if the 20-20-20 rule is met.

As well, under military rules, a service member has an obligation to continue supporting their spouse and their family. In court cases, there might be a big gap from when you file and when orders are entered. To cover that gap, a divorce attorney can contact the command of the service member and have payments be ongoing even in the absence of a court order.

The most important issue at hand is the military pension. As the spouse of a service member, you’re entitled to a share of the military pension. That’s going to be a function of how long you were married and how long the service member was in the service.

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