What is a Wife Entitled To in a Divorce in Arizona? – Mesa AZ Divorce Lawyer Laura Tomaszewski

What is a Wife Entitled To in a Divorce in Arizona? – Mesa AZ Divorce Lawyer Laura Tomaszewski

As a Divorce Attorney in Arizona, we get this question a lot:

Question: What is a Wife Entitled To in a Divorce in Arizona?

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Divorce can be easy and simple if both parties sit down and work things out in a friendly way, but that does not happen very often, especially when there are considerable assets that have to be divided or there are minor children involved.

There are three main issues to deal with when it comes to divorce in Arizona: the dissolution of the marriage, child support and custody if there are children, and the division of community property and debts. Dissolving the marriage is simple enough since the state of Arizona does not complicate the matter by requiring a reason for it, but the other issues can get very heated and complicated and that is why you need a good divorce attorney in Mesa, AZ.

At Jensen Family Law, We are ready to help protect your rights during your divorce and take it all the way to litigation if necessary. We are proud to be aggressive divorce lawyers in Mesa, AZ because, very often, that is exactly what it takes to protect our clients’ rights in family court.

We have built a solid reputation in Mesa and other parts of Arizona through more than 20 years of representing clients in all aspects of family law, including community property division and divorce. We are ready to put our years of experience at your service and aggressively protect your rights.
In order to formulate the best legal strategy to get you a favorable outcome, we need to know all the details of your case. Feel free to get in touch now to schedule a consultation.

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