What is the Divorce Process in Pennsylvania? (Part One)

What is the Divorce Process in Pennsylvania? (Part One)

Roy Galloway talks about what divorce entails along with the economic claims at stake during the proceedings in part one of this short series on the divorce process in Pennsylvania.

If you are considering a divorce at this time, we understand how stressful it can be. Please call us at 717-737-3300, or visit our website at www.RoyGallowayLaw.com to see how we can help.

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  1. The process is simple . If you’re a male you walk into the courtroom and they bend you over and pull you’re money through your ass and send you on your way

    Good morning Roy! Excellent video and very informative. I was a resident in NJ for over 30 years and married in NJ in 2007. However, my family and I have been in Pennsylvania since November 2018. Due to circumstances and the situation getting worse it is best to get legal separation from my spouse. However, I strongly doubt that my husband will agree to or sign any papers for this separation. Divorce is a last resort. How can I prove that we are separated when if I move out? Our relationship has become toxic and his behavior is intolerable. He is angry so he will not let me just take our children and move out without an issue. Any suggestions?

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