What is your best DIY option for an uncontested divorce in California?

What is your best DIY option for an uncontested divorce in California?

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Okay, so you’ve heard me say it not all DIY services are created equal. But what I haven’t done a really good job of is explaining why so I wanted to take a few minutes to do that. There are so many of you who are working with your spouse in a cooperative way, or at least not in an all-out war to try to get your divorce completed without going into significant debt and get that and I appreciate it and I want to help you. But what I also want you to know is that there are tons of services out there that literally handy the forms so that you can fill them out and then you end up having to file them yourselves. In a few occasions.

Some of these services might file the forms for you. But here’s the problem. So first of all, if a state does have uniform forms that everyone can use their divorce that’s fantastic, but they
still have tons of legalese and they still ask lots of questions that are challenging to answer and if you have any difficulties or you do need help answering those questions often times,they don’t have any legal experts or lawyers on staff to be able to help you. At Hello Divorce.

The difference is that our technology was designed not only by incredible developers.
But by myself and other very experienced lawyers who designed questions for you that will elicit your best responses. So when you’re completing the online guided interview your forms will populate almost instantaneously after you complete that interview and for the most part will be done and won’t even need any edits.

But if you do want some help either handling the procedural stuff like filing the documents or serving your spouse or coordinating with the court or ensuring that you have enough copies and that their hole punched correctly and all the other ridiculous procedural requirements.

If you want to hand that off someone on our team. You absolutely can. And if you’d like a lawyer to review your forms before you submit them to the court or you just want some extra help. Rising negotiation or seeing where you have leverage?

What’s your best or worst case scenario or just getting some peace of mind that what you’ve done is correct?

And that won’t come back to bite you in the future. Then you have access to lawyers and 30-minute increments and those lawyers have access to all the work that you’ve already done.

So you’re not starting over. You are the center of your case, not your lawyer your lawyer and your legal document assistant are simply there if and when you need them, so when you’re
choosing a divorce service to work with assuming you’re not hiring a lawyer for full representation and you simply want to DIY some of your divorce or have people help you but not at a cost that’s going to kill you like the average cost of divorce in California, which is $26,300 per person.

I want you to do your research and if you’re in, California Hello divorce is absolutely a great option. You can sign up for a free 15-minute call to see if it works for you.

You can also sign up for a free membership to get access to tons of resources.
If you are outside of California, and we haven’t expanded to your state yet. There are lots of resources online to help you determine which service might be the best for you.

So wishing you a speedy and convenient divorce we know ending a marriage just super hard, but the divorce process shouldn’t be and I hope that you are able to do it without too much trouble.


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