What Older Couples Should Know When Filing For a Gray Divorce

What Older Couples Should Know When Filing For a Gray Divorce


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More couples over 50 are experiencing ‘gray divorce’, unlike the past. Older couples are starting over after a long marriage.

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If both of you are planning to retire and file for divorce, you should think about the following:

1. Working longer hours than expected to secure your future post-divorce.
2. Shunning from giving any money to your adult children.
3. Selling off the family home and instead, buy something smaller and cheaper.
4. Keep the divorce’s legal costs as low as possible.
5. Cut extra expenses such as buying luxury items, travel, etc.
6. Including the retirement plan in the divorce settlement.

One thing divorcing couples can do to avoid retirement problems altogether is to schedule a consultation with a financial expert.

Why People Divorce Later in Life When the kids finally reach adulthood and move out to pursue their dreams, many things could happen to a couple, thus pushing them towards divorce.

This group consists of couples in long term marriages, thus creating a phenomenon called “gray divorce.”

On the other hand, some spouses will wait until they are financially stable so that they can initiate a divorce – and this will mostly happen when the couple is much older.

Issues That Impact a Divorce After 50
a) Social security
b) Retirement
c) Division of assets
d) Insurance
e) Competency
f) Spousal support

Divorcing and retirement before filing for divorce, remember that a gray divorce will impact a couple’s retirement plans.

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