What To Do After Your Spouse Files For Divorce

What To Do After Your Spouse Files For Divorce

If your spouse files for divorce, it hurts. A lot. But you need to know that this is not the end- your marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce…

…And, how you REACT to your spouse’s filing right now is extremely important!


Marriage Helper’s CEO, Kimberly Holmes, will give you 3 Must-Know-Tips on how to respond RIGHT after your spouse files for divorce. Watch this video so you know exactly what to do next.

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  2. I would say that even more important than acknowledging our mistakes in the marriage is forgiveness.

    Both spouses need to be able to forgive. If not, then even minor offenses will pile up and the marriage is already finished.

  3. How do I continue to remain hopeful when I was asked to leave hopefully temporarily by my wife and 15 year old daughter who is going through issues that pushed my wife and I apart because I didn’t handle these things in the best way

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  5. I love you. And the fact I’m comment 122 means I was supposed to hear this. Thank you. He left and filed and I have no money. I don’t want to guilt him. I need to stop thinking about what he’s doing and get my life back on track. Not for him. For me.

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  8. Have you helped couples that consisted of one couple with a partner who’s a narcissist and left their partner for an affair?

  9. Marriage almost needs to have each couple attend an intense premarriage course and perhaps many divorces would be averted. Nice interactive video usually after the fact of having been served a spouse divorce.

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  11. She keeps telling me to leave and if I don’t leave she’s going to file for divorce. She says she can’t heal with me around. I feel so defeated and like I’m fighting for nothing. She says she doesn’t love me amongst many other harsh things. I’m so confused 🤷🏾‍♂️ I feel like I should stay but I feel like I should leave too

  12. You Are awsome
    A month after i filed for divorce, my wife filed CPO to punish me.
    and still she do not want show me my kids. I filed for divorce because she denied to show me my kids for months.

  13. It sounds like both were a little selfish or at least self-centered.

    He can’t wait until after dinner and shower to go to sleep and she can’t wait to eat before showering.

    Maybe compromise and eat a quick snack before a quick shower and eat dinner after, and he can out in some earplugs and maybe some other type of compromise?

    They were basically both in the right and both in the wrong at the same time.

    Edit: PS we all get into that mode, especially when we are tired, hungry, stressed, etc.

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  15. But those marriages with multiple affairs….how are they doing 5 years after? 10 years? How are their kids???

  16. This woman’s eyes make me want to blind myself.
    If I got a divorce I don’t think I could handle another one of these loud mouth millennial carousel queens.
    Rob should have left you over the shower incident, he is a simp bastard.

  17. After 3 months of separation initiated by my husband. I didnt follow through with what he was asking which was space. My ego wanted to do no contact and id do a few days here and there but I acted a fool via email and text out of hurt,anger and fear and being in another state missing him. He told me he remained quiet,gave me the rope and I hung myself and now HE’S DONE AND WANTS A DIVORCE. Is there any advice as to how I can possibly over time change his mind? He was asking for space and I didnt give that.

  18. What if it is already final? She wanted it over fast.her dad gives her whatever she wants including a house. I sometimes think she only married me for a roof over her head till her dad could give her, her own place.

  19. My wife filed for divorce after being married for 21 years and it hurts but as you said I cannot make her change her mind but while I’m making changes for myself. I have bed blessed and found a new support system and people who don’t know are here for me and I don’t feel as bad because I realized that I can’t only change me and if she doesn’t want to see the changes then it’s okay she can go!!!

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  21. It’s too much pressure on one person to maintain a marriage on shaky grounds. If they want to go let them go. Some people are not cut out to have sustained relationships.

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  23. Is a professional who can get a basic analysis of what your partner does in secret
    Either deleted and non deleted messages
    He helped me Access my Narcissist woman
    I had to file up a divorce, with the evidence 900Ethics provided for me

  24. File a month ago never have got serve wonder if he blowing air out of his butt.Can you do a video on when you know when your spouse is playing games with you.He will not speak or see me it’s been 2yrs and no affairs was involve just things that should of not been said.

  25. I wish I had seen this a month ago. It all got very ugly very quickly and I reacted in anger over and over There’s no going back now. But thank you you are a godsend I will try to change my future and not dwell on my reactions. He blindsided me I have no one to yeah he was unhappy and left while I was gone for the weekend He had filed for divorce without me even knowing before I even left

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