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  7. My boyfriend and I went to our first couples therapy session yesterday. I felt horrible, unnoticed, and like a bad person afterwards. I’m not sure how my boyfriend felt afterwards.
    It felt like the therapist was critical of me and telling me what type of person I am within 20 minutes of meeting me. He may be right or wrong but it felt harsh and off. I still did my best to listen and to be respectful.
    He asked to continue therapy with my boyfriend and said nothing to me. I was looking forward to getting a neutral opinion of our relationship but it didn’t seem to be about us or the relationship. I’m trying to be understanding but feel rejected and ignored.

  8. Great video! im about to start studying counselling and eventually becoming a family/couples therapist. This painted a great pictures of what’s ahead! Thanks 😀

  9. You still have a responsibility to your patients. So to say "I dont keep secrets" is bullshit. If one person tells you something in confidence that she ia safe and you turn around and bring it up in couples session is a blatant violation of doctor/patient confidentiality. I can’t believe you’re a licensed therapist. That’s terrifying.

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