1. It’s your constitutional right to your children. Most Men have been taking of their children since birth. A women decides to wreck the family over a 10 minute fling and the court decides to take his kids from him. She makes false accusations in court, man submits proof otherwise. Gets ruled against and dragged in and out of court, held in contempt for lies. Told that despite provided a stable home for the children for years, he’s a dirtbag and needs classes for the fabricated issues his wife said. All the while she’s living with the guy she had been having an affair with. The corrupt court for profit is the problem! Trafficking kids and ruining the family financial future, so they can collect funds illegally through Section title 4D. Did I leave out CPS?

  2. Explain this then. When a man has money to pay off felony charges. And still treats my son and I like trash and has visitation rights. And yes he threatened to kill my parents and I and burn my house down with my son inside of it whilst sleeping. That no matter how much clear cut (not hearsay) evidence I have that this still continues and all of the courts,police(they are restricted), CPS(they don’t do a thing they have been called several times with a f a r. Investigation),doctors are concerned… Ot called CPS. Nothing was done. So explain to me please what did I do wrong as I have had nothing to do with this abuse and now he has a gf that is physically abusive as well. This all seems great and the way it should be.y conclusion is if you are broke then you lose. And that’s not you losing as much as your child. So please explain where the best enterest of the child comes into play. I really want to know. I want to help my son 🙏 thank you.

  3. My brothers ex fiancé is filing a request to move my niece to the opposite side of the country, this is breaking our family apart and making some of us physically sick to our stomach, my mom was balling today thinking she’s losing her grandchild

    I beg of you to assist us, we don’t know what to do

    I’ve been looking up attorneys and we’re all making lists of ideas of names of people for help

    All I want is to see my niece and know in my heart that everything will be alright
    But most of us haven’t been able to see her since Christmas

    This is feeling like parental alienation but I don’t know what to do, my brother can’t live without that little girl, and it can’t be best for her to lose him

    If you reply with an email *@* I’ll make sure we get ahold of you by EOD

    Please help us

  4. Dcyf has wrongfully taken my children and I have all the proof I got a service referral from November 2nd 2021 staying at my kids were already in foster care when in fact they were with me and the mother they use this service referral to take our children on November 8th 2021

  5. Judges are paid so what does it matter what to argue. It’s a false sense of hope they are giving people. The federal govt pays these judges who then set up trusts or ioltas to hide the money.

  6. The “best interest of the child” line of thinking came natural to me. It the mantra of the family court; therefore, it is my mantra.

  7. judges in WA king county the most corrupt pieces of sh*t…king count is the sh*t hole of low lives corrupt pieces of shit judges!
    I’ll be praying for rosen to burn in hell along with his children, wife and all of his immediate and extended family!

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