1. The mass wave of divorces happened in the 80s and 90s. Many of them were from people who were unhappy in their marriages for decades but it wasn’t socially acceptable to divorce until then.

  2. Wanna know how i know this is false. Marriage is made better by the woman, she can meet her own needs. Nothing in this video is attibuted to men.

  3. it seems that the "decline of divorces" deserves more credit from the men for not marrying to begin with and or walking out of the marriage game. I find it interesting that the women in the show are trying to confirm or justify the reasons to get married and keep the status quo on marriage. 

  4. “What’s behind the drop in divorce rates?” Could it be because of the drop in marriages due to #metoo and the newer #MGTOW? When flirting with a woman becomes a sexual attack, men are learning to not even speak with a woman in the workplace unless with witnesses present or it’s being recorded.

  5. Her stats is a lie. They can be true one day if we read our bibles. and know that marriage is not happiness but its a work of art. its beautiful and sorry women but you need us because god know we needed you. we need each other.

  6. What is left out of this discussion about women who are more educated who get married are staying in relationship longer, is women according to census data shows more educated women as years goes on are less likely to get married and even more likely not have children. In many nations figures and OECD data shows 1 in 5 women reach menopause today without bearing a child. It is worse for university educated women.
    In Switzerland 2006 OECD figure 4 out of 10 women with university education do not have children, against 20% of the population as a whole. Birth rates right across the world in developed nations have drop well below replacement levels and many nations will have reducing of population in the next 20 years. Outside First and second generation of US families, Replacement levels of remaining populous are well below needed and immigrants families are keeping replacement numbers up.
    In 2006 Germany agonies over 30% of it women are childless and the number is growing with each year rising to 40% of Female Graduates. Ursul von der Leyen (A mother of 7 Children) the German family Minister said in 2005. She says unless the birth rate increases, someone would have to "turn the light out".

    Women graduates who were born between 1965 and 1978 have a very low birth rate in comparison to the populous. Almost half of a generation of university-educated women who puts their career before a family are childless. New York think tank has suggested this generation might have had too much choice as many of them are childless, well into their 30s and 40s. The study carried out by the Center for Work-Life Policy has revealed that 43 per cent of university-educated women from Generation X were child-free. , 10 per cent of 45-year-old women were childless in 1990 while, 19 years later, in 2009 this figure rose to 20 per cent.

    Similar results are replicated world wide in developed nations, once immigrants figures are taken out. In the next 20 to 40 years we will experience a population reduction in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China (Legal reasons due to family planning policy of the late 1970’s). All these economies will start to reduce.

  7. Are you trying to sugar coat the Marriage BS. Just because no one is get married now doesn’t mean the Stat is lower it just means people are wisely choosing not to get married especially the guy’s Not will to fall for the $$$ marriage court system Carousel . No Marriage means No Divorce which means Having a life instead of Payments .

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  9. CBS lie more than FOX. The divorce rates dropping! If it’s dropping then where did it drop too?

  10. I speak as a Muslim
    The marriage need to patience
    The marriage is very healthy for
    individuals and the community

  11. "Steady job most important in choosing spouse:
    For women 78%
    For men: 46%"

    And this woman is still trying to sell the fairytale that women marry men because the love them or because they make them laugh. Yeah, I guess those women are all laughing on their way to the bank.

    And then one woman in the video goes on to say that two thirds of all divorces are initiated by women (which is true) and the other women immediatelly replies that the independence of women has helped marriage. What???

    When women file for divorce in the majority of the cases, that helps marriage? I guess you have to be a woman to understand that logic.

  12. This is why I believe in free love. For me, at least, there is no legitimate reason to marry. I won’t ever want children, so that’s out. Love and companionship are great, but my partner and I shouldn’t be legally bound together. If things go bad, we can work it out, of course, but if one of us wants to leave, that should be okay as well.

  13. if the marriage rate is dropped, as it has over the last forty years, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that those that did not get married will not really need a divorce, there’s your only statistic right there – nobody left to divorce because people aren’t getting married. so therefore a decline.

    but this is Mainstream Media trying to tell us (their boss’s opinion) on how things are "supposed to be".

  14. I know plenty of people who got married in their early twenties and decades later have amazing marriages than marriages I’ve seen beginning after the people were 30. I think it comes down to plain maturity. Just because you are older doesn’t make you more mature and sure of who you are.

  15. I think women choosing a mate based on emotional needs alone is not enough to sustain the narriage because romantic feelings fade after the first few years of marriage. Marriage needs work from both husband and wife and it is sad that divorces are initiated more from wives nowadays. Aren’t wives willing to resolve problems in their marriages?

  16. The reason of drop on divorce rates is simple….most honest men dont dream of getting married anymore😂 i know i dont.

  17. To my fellow American males, avoid our so called western woman if you decide to have a family. Go find a woman in non-western world seriously, even if they marry you for money, they’ll be more loyal than than our so called western woman and less likely to turn your wold upside down lol

  18. Gayle’s been a feminist man-hater since day 1. Not surprised that she stated she’s a divorcee, and her own belief that no one should get married before the age if 30.

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