What's it Like Being a Therapist? | Kati Morton

What's it Like Being a Therapist? | Kati Morton

I’m Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos!
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  1. Last year I was feeling really isolated and decided to talk to strangers because I didn’t feel like I could talk normally with my friends. But I ended up listening to strangers about their problems so I get that vibe you’re talking about.

  2. I’m going to be a doctor in Europe and want to specialize in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, so this is helpful.

  3. I’d love to be a therapist, but too much unresolved childhood trauma renders it out the question. Too bad. 🙁

  4. I’d also just give my business card to ppl and be like we can talk about this during our therapy session. Or make them pay right there. I’d be such a dick lol

  5. Something you said scares me and I wanted to get your opinion on it. You say that you’re not in therapist mode all the time. One of the reasons I want to get into Therapy is because I feel that I am. I enjoy listening to peoples problems and helping them find solutions( I want to train to be a therapist so I can learn the healthiest ways to do this). Is this the right field for someone like me in your opinion?

  6. I’m applying for mental health counseling programs and I’m really scared but excited to do it. I have no idea how I’m going to balance everything and make a living during school but I’m going to make the leap. I hope it works out since I’m 31 and running out of time to figure out my career

  7. I don’t understand the part where you have to pay a lot of money? Just for education is basically done on computer?

  8. Regarding ‘How do people react … ?’
    I’m a teacher of programming and i do get ‘Hey, i was just having problems with setting up my tv.’

  9. Currently a psychology major curious what you actually tell people you do then when that question comes up lol a great video! deciding if I want to become a therapist and go to grad school or if I don’t lol

  10. I have a double bachelors in psychology & sociology from a New York State university. Graduated magna cum laude. I don’t know where to start to pursue my masters in mental health counseling. It’s def what I feel most fulfilling as a career path with my skill set and genuine want to assist people in the midst of their mental struggles and difficulties. I know I can do it. Just don’t know where to put my first step

  11. What to do if you have family members especially your mom is watching you with psychics continuously and putting curses on you after you completely separated from the family and friends of the family for 6 years. My family is from the islands (Carribean) and do these type of things. Nothing good is happening in my life at all. No job, never was able to graduate from college, no friends that actually mean me well and no friends at all, no boyfriend and haven’t been on a date since November 2013, I can’t lose enough weight, My money flies out of my account, I have no fun and no leisure time, I have no life. I just feel like this isn’t fair I had absolutely nothing to do with them for 6 years now.

  12. I have a friend from church who’s in need of a licensed therapist and school for it not me I set boundaries

  13. I feel sorry for my therapist now for the way I have behaved in the past. I’ll try to be more aware of her emotions and compassionate about her hard work.

  14. Currently a psych graduate and applying for masters for the third time in 2022 It’s a tough journey, especially here in SA (8-12 chosen out of thousands) but watching your videos are so informative guiding and enjoyable. It’s so refreshing to relearn and hear things from a different perspective. Thank you for what you do. ❤

  15. Totally understand why she doesn’t tell people she’s a therapist! It would be frustrating because they are humans being that they also see their own therapist too! But me I would feel the other way and over think, they are a therapist I should watch what I say i dont want to tell them, blah blah blah over thinking is my thing and I don’t want to talk to them!

  16. I’m a psychologist and absolutely DO NOT tell
    People what I do. I’ve done it and they start unloading. I’m sorry but I don’t wanna hear it, particularly if you’re a stranger. Mental health professionals are not infinite fountains of compassion and empathy. If someone tells you that they’re a therapist or psychologist or even psychiatrist, do not unload on them. Leave them alone.

  17. I gave this video a thumbs up.

    I really didn’t think about how therapists are normal people too and they don’t do therapy 24/7 they have their own lives.

    So the best takeaway from this video is if you know a therapist don’t try to make them do their job when they are off the clock

  18. So is there others paths to becoming a therapist? like hypothetically if you majored in like communications could you then for graduate do psych?

  19. Thank god for this video Kati, we have a kid and I also took music as my degree but I find myself to be a natural counselor that tie into my card readings and interest in other realms etc. So we’re wondering what’s the next career direction for me other than solo and YouTube and web products etc etc

  20. I can’t speak for other people, but I feel like certain people do give off this vibe that they are a warm and non-judgment person. It weird to say this because you guys are often strangers, but you guys also give off the vibe that makes people feel safe and that you can be trusted. I think that’s why people are so incline to tell you about their problems.

  21. 9:55 You get people telling you their problems: I bet you’re a practiced listener. You can’t turn that off all the way ☺️

  22. I feel like being a therapist is emotionally draining so you have to separate work from life, so you don’t take that energy with you where you go.

  23. Have the wages increased since this? 10 years of school for an average pay scares me away from wanting to do this.. ughhhhh

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