What's the Difference Between Counseling and Therapy?

What's the Difference Between Counseling and Therapy?

Two professors at Evangelical Seminary discuss the nuanced but important distinction between counseling and therapy. If you are considering a Masters degree in counseling or therapy, it’s important to understand how these differences may shape both the degree you pursue and your future career path.

This video is produced by the Marriage and Family Therapy Department at Evangelical Seminary.

Learn more: evangelical.edu/mft


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  2. The church must take off her dirty hands from the people. In italy we are still legally bound to them in some way. We all hate it and you should realize why. The Church does not care for the wellbeing of the people, but for dogmatism instead. No place for dogmas in the therapeautic relation.
    Edit: Jeshua brought the sword to free the people and fight oppression,why all these people chose to ignore this aspect of their lord? By introducing god this way in therapy you only cage your client.
    Source: i’m a university student of psychology and this makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

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  4. Thank you so much. This is what I want to learn to help those in challenges to get connection of biblical values

  5. This is so awesome! You bring out the very reason of helping others. Spiritual connection is a must!This is so beautiful

  6. This was no help whatsoever. Instead of explaining the various differences between the two, he just dismissed counseling as a whole and then turned the video into a religious lecture. I recognize that he’s in the Christian therapy field but if you’re gonna explain the differences from a Christian perspective, say so in the title. Us non Christians would like to be educated on secular subjects from a secular angle.

  7. yea im definitively going to college for therapy soon this just helped me a lot , i think counseling limits me in a way , just from watching this video , Thank you so much

  8. "Counselor" was used in reference to Jesus. The distinction between counselor and therapist was not quite clear for me.

    Systemic in stead of individualistic care is also practiced by secular counselors and therapists. I do think that most professionals now practice care for the individual as part of the whole. I am a professional counselor and what was explained as the role of a therapist, is what I do.

    As Christians, it is not our wisdom but rather God’s wisdom and when God steps into a situation everything changes. We are merely the agents of change. This is how I would distinguish between Christian and secular mental health care.

  9. Wrong!
    Therapy: treatment of a diagnosed medical ailment, such as a personality disorder.
    Counseling: coping strategies with situations.
    Nothing to do with god or anything, please stop spreading misinformation

  10. I learned that Counselling is about helping people with usual life difficulties and therapy is about treating people with mental illnesses.

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