When is it okay for Christians to Divorce? | Ask Pastor Mark

When is it okay for Christians to Divorce? | Ask Pastor Mark

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  1. David sent Uriah to his death so he could be with Uriah’s wife. People will convince themselves that their sin is natural in order to gain what they want. Divorce is hardly "we weren’t meant to be." It’s more of "I’m only willing to think about me"

  2. i divorced we went our seperate ways i remmaried got a good family she does to now to divorce again is not the answer i just made my remmariage dedicated to God its all i can do to divorce woulld destroy the family i love

  3. What is adultery though… my ex decided it all and she was the truly unfaithful party in our relationship multiple times over….. I guarantee I’m not blameless, nor am I even close to being worthy of anything I have been blessed with, let alone even the hurt I’ve gone through (it should have been so much worse), but I guess I just don’t know how it’s fitting or makes sense since I didn’t initiate it I never wanted it, but I am glad it happened because the woman I’m with now and going to marry is very good and it’s amazing it’s like night and day to see what it’s like when somebody actually cares about you….. I mean they were married in a courthouse and reset in the name of God but it wasn’t in church…. I guess most of all I just struggling with that and the fact that my son suffers because of it…… sorry this wasn’t meant to get this deep and in-depth and everything but it’s something I’ve been fighting with myself about for quite a while, you don’t have to answer I don’t really expect one but if you do it’ll be appreciated if not I won’t never would because well let’s just say your sermons and teaching and stuff have done me more good than I could ever tell you… Thank you! Ahhh so I’m not as bad as I think since it wasn’t me…. not that I’m blameless, but I’m not the evil and sinner I thought I was….

  4. Guys I sense strongly God wants me to divorce but I’m told otherwise

    Can you please the Lords Perfect Will be done?

    Thanks so much

  5. Some very interesting cases about manipulating circumstances to "look" innocent, or achieve corrupt objectives . However you never answered one single question here about if divorce and remarriage is permitted in Christian to Christian marriage, Christian to non Christian, or two non Christians, and for truly guilty and truly innocent parties. Not one question.

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