When To Divorce – Is It Time To Move On?

When To Divorce – Is It Time To Move On?

It is normal to experience conflict in your marriage that turns from bad to worse. No matter how much you fight with your spouse or believe they don’t respect or understand you, contemplating divorce is a heavy burden, and no one is ever 100% certain divorce is the correct answer.

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You may be wondering how can I be sure I am ready for a divorce? Or, how did we get here? Sometimes changing simple behaviors can make all the difference in a strong and thriving marriage, while other situations are a bit more complex than that. If you are thinking about divorce or wondering when is the right time to divorce your spouse, this video will help you gain insight into the benefits and disadvantages of divorce and if this decision is right for you.

In this video, we discuss:

-The long term consequences of divorces
-Who should make the final decision to divorce
-Our divorce pointers and guidelines
-The 10 rule
-Steps to take if you are involved in a damaging or abusive marriage
-The halo effect, and more

Everyday divorce is the short-term remedy to long-term problems in our relationships. At Marriage Helper, we have worked with literally thousands of couples facing the same issues, grief, and concerns you are feeling at this very moment. We provide advice and resources to help weigh your options and determine if divorce is the answer.

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  1. It can not be just only one person who wants or decides to want the marriage to work so that it can work out eventually. My parents have been together for 42 years. I have seen some disagreements and I understand why many marriages do not last long. My parents both decide to be together despite disagreements.

  2. What if he wont see a marriage helper, he thinks he has all the answers. I don’t feel like there is hope at this point, no affection, nothing I do or say is right, I walk on egg shells I’m to old for this crap.

  3. But, did that guy at the end steal another man’s baby? Did she ever tell her affair partner that she was pregnant? Did they get a paternity test? Yikes!

  4. This came in just the right time. Been with my wife for 10 years since highschool. We had broken up a few times before and I feel like the end is around the corner. It makes me sad but I think I’ve been expecting this for a while.

  5. There’s my amazing coach Rusty!! Rusty-you have been such a great source of support for me and I appreciate you SO much. Jared, my CR, is also awesome and both guys have been instrumental in me finding my footing and I’ll be forever thankful!
    Dr. Joe and Mrs. Holmes-this organization has been such a wonderful source of strength and education for me in this tough time of my marriage. I can’t thank all of you enough for EVERYTHING you guys offer and do for us. Praying soon to come to the couples workshop-just waiting for the right time to address it with my spouse. I am extremely grateful to you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. I had a coach and he told me I have to do something or continue to live the way I am.he had no idea what I should do in. My situation

  7. Since I’ve listening to your program, peace is within me, although me and my husband have separated.

  8. Adultery is a terrible thing. Jesus Himself gave it as grounds for divorce (as in, said God would understand if a person ended a marriage for this reason). That man at the end has more grace then even the Bible calls for.

  9. The same statements kept repeating so many times. Too much advertising and too little information. This is pure infomercial.

  10. Once you get the idea of divorce on your mind, it’s game over. After that it will not be a real relation it will be a transactional relation meaning: pay for play!

  11. Unfortunately my spouse thinks he’s found his soul mate so there’s that. Been to the workshop did a few coaching sessions and nothing has changed. I’m honestly thinking about just filing and moving on with my life. It’s hard to reason with someone who constantly is being dishonest. Even if he’s telling the truth I have a hard time believing it bc of the prior lies. I had some hope after the workshop but those hopes are gone. He hasn’t filed but definitely wants out. I’m seriously looking into hiring a lawyer and give him what he wants.

    If a man wants to leave his family and be with a woman and her kids there is nothing I can do to stop that. How can u explain leaving ur own children to go live or be with someone else’s children?

  12. My ex spouse says that I did nothing wrong that it’s others and our relationship gives him bad memories

  13. Trying to forgive my spouses infidelity is causing me great pain and anxiety, I have to drive past her house on the way to work every day and always have a physical reaction. I’m a nervous wreck. Is it time to divorce and move on?

  14. How can I help myself when I’m changing my old bad habits. Being controlling, ignorant, not being an emotional support husband??? I want to save my marriage

  15. It’s been for months of separation 💔 😞 and he doesn’t want to save marriage but I do but I don’t I can’t do it alone we don’t have kids.

  16. Coach I had with you told me to do something and maybe end it or continue living the way you are.

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