1. Yes and they are only going to prevent the consequences… sometimes whether it be the female or male . Both are capable of affairs.

  2. Multiple times…Each a different approach. One with male pastor only/us together. One with Pastor and wife/Neuthetic/both are sinners/no victims.

  3. We went through 4 counselors, epic failure each time. My husband, turns on a tear or two, says he loves me and the counselor, says ‘see, he loves you’. One of them was furious with him and scolded him like a child, made him so angry he drove like a crazy man home, that was our last visit there. I will not, I repeat NOT ever go to counseling with him, EVER.

  4. I was watching a video that you were doing today and I didn’t get to finish it. When I went back to finish, it was gone. I think it was a live video (after the fact) with a pastor and it was discussing what must happen in counseling when dealing with abusive relationships. What happened? I would really like to finish listening to the video.

  5. Leslie your content is great. Thank you!
    I will also say that you need to let your guests speak more. I am surprised how you interrupt them and take over when they are talking. It feels almost like bullying… I feel uncomfortable watching it, to be honest. 🥺

  6. what if a person cant get out…financial issues, other blocks. remember the film the burning bed. he may hide all the $ .

  7. I love what you said about not being able to build trust with someone who isn’t willing to admit to what caused the broken trust. Same deal here.

  8. Leslie, God has truly given you deep wisdom and discernment. What you say makes common sense and rings of truth. I am learning how to stay in my marriage which really hasn’t been a marriage for as far back as I remember. Thank you for ministering to all of us hurting women.

  9. Leslie, why are you so against men? You start your explanation without gender and they you slowly steer towards destroying men. This is destroying marriages and this goes against Gods commands and thus satanic. You are making money by destroying marriages. Unbelievable!

  10. Leslie, are you answering questions in this YouTube chat? I have some questions to ask you if you are.

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