1. My parents are divorced and I can definitely can relate to this- My dad is a little poor now so he can’t get much, but I still love him anyway 🙂

  2. I was actually around 2 when my parents divorced so it never affected me but yes we get 2x everything don’t forget relatives. Are parents may not be together but i get alota presents forevermore

  3. Before y’all hate.. my mom and dad were divorced as well. My mother passed away and my dad left and I still find this funny

  4. My parents divorced about a year ago, so yes I do get sad but sometimes this is not theoretically wrong. Sometimes it’s not just Christmas gifts. It can also be birthday gifts,Easter eggs,etc.

  5. Would rather have 1 anyday sure most would just doesn’t work out like that all the time , more so this day and age , why work on a relationship when we can just scroll to the next attention grabber

  6. Pros: 2 birthdays, 2 christmas’, 2 basically every event your family celebrates

    Cons: A lifetime of packing, probable arguing when parents get up together, and a heck ton of leaving things at your other parents’ house

  7. You’re an idiot cos that’s two souls departing with pain and you’re enjoying it …. these new generation kids need to get slapped

  8. That reaction is just completely wrong and really poor… a 100 year old joke played in a stupid way!! Give up my friend and look out for a new job

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