When Your Spouse Won’t Provide Discovery in Your Divorce Case

When Your Spouse Won’t Provide Discovery in Your Divorce Case

This video covers what your options are if your spouse won’t provide discovery (relevant information and documents) in your divorce case. Watch this video to learn how you can gather information for your case even if your spouse won’t turn over the information voluntarily. If you or someone you know is in need of a family law attorney, give our office a call at 404-969-1219 or visit aaronthomaslaw.com


  1. It’s been a year and a half and my father in law still won’t hand in his discovery. Finally, this month, he was court ordered and he still refused to provide the documents. The judge doesn’t seem to care at all and this is taking forever. I just want my MIL to move on with her life. He left her for another woman 3 years ago and she finally had to be the one to file for divorce. He’s made $250k a year as a pilot and she makes $20 an hour. He’s now a contract pilot (conveniently) so no one knows who to subpoena. He closed all their joint accounts and took all the money when he moved to CA. I can’t believe he’s been drawing this out for almost 2 YEARS. He’s been representing himself!! He’s no showed 2 depositions and has had no consequences. I hope he will be held in contempt of court but that will probably take another 6 months.

  2. This is so helpful. Divorce hearing in 8 days and spouse has not turned over discovery. My lawyer subpoenaed his 3 jobs.

  3. What happens when the judge denies your motion to compel and answer interrogatories for a lien put on a vehicle

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