Where are the Asian Places in Houston, Texas? Part 1 (Bellaire Chinatown)

Where are the Asian Places in Houston, Texas? Part 1 (Bellaire Chinatown)

In this video, I show places you can find Asian food and businesses in Houston, TX. Off Sam Houston Tollway and Bellaire Blvd, there is a prominent shopping district featuring H Mart, 99 Ranch, other supermarkets, and many restaurants. This is Part 6 in the TX overall series, but Part 1 for Houston.

Part 1: Arlington/Grand Prairie – https://youtu.be/pnhVPhUfaXU
Part 2: Carrollton – https://youtu.be/QiG9fj10Xy8
Part 3: Dallas – https://youtu.be/U7bbwEZqSdY
Part 4: Plano/Frisco – https://youtu.be/GLu5Dv-4XdE
Part 5: Plano – https://youtu.be/c53BvvsBz-c
Part 6: Houston – https://youtu.be/tyfff-HSoKU

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  1. I just stumbled upon your channel Edward, and i appreciate the knowledge your are spreading.
    I am a recent college graduate from NYC, and looking to escape to Texas(Dallas,Houston) or Florida(Orlando,Tampa),
    Specifically Texas, which place is better in terms of weather, cost of living, insurance, & general attitude toward asians?

  2. Love the video, thanks for the tour of my hometown neighborhood!

    The density of Asian businesses here makes Houston Chinatown feel much like the San Gabriel Valley. Very vibrant place where storefronts change every month

  3. Out of all the chinatowns across the US…how would you rank this one?

    I’d say at least 5 or 6..behind LA, NYC,San Francisco, Chicago and maybe Seattle or Vegas

  4. Ah, went to Chinatown Houston last year. It hasn’t changed so much since, so good to see most of the stores still in place.
    What about the Little Saigon area across the Fwy on the west side?

  5. Thank you for this. My mom just called and told me she wanted to move to Houston. Talk about a bomb drop haha

  6. Thanks would’ve love more of this content. I’ve lived in Houston all my life and I’ve only been to that side once I didn’t even know we had such an amazing culture right by hate that Houston is so segregated.

  7. You didn’t show where I could meet single Asian professionals that aren’t gold diggers…..the massage parlors don’t count…

  8. I love going to Bellaire when I’m in Houston. That is always my first and last stop. Dun Huang market has my favorite restaurants. Thanks for posting.

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  10. lol…there way more asian places in houston … and this wasntt even all of bellaire…there like so much more plazas on bellaire alone

  11. That’s our second Chinatown. The first Chinatown was downtown. It was so successful that we outgrew it. That’s why there is the new one in the Bellaire Beltway area. You should have seen it before the lock down. So busy.

  12. There are many more Asian neighborhoods in Houston, Bellaire/ East of Beltway 8 is the main Chinatown, Bellaire/ West of Beltway 8 Is Little Saigon, I-10 and Longpoint area between Gessner and Blalock is Korean town, plus a brand new Asian Town out in Katy by 99 and I-10. So much to explore.

  13. Just a heads up to people. China Town along Bellaire Blvd is not the same as Bellaire, TX which is near the galleria in central Houston. Totally different places

  14. Chinatown Houston….amongst the Top 5 largest chinatowns in the US.

    Houston also has a Koreatown,Asia Town, Little Saigon…
    But they aren’t as great as the ones in Dallas tho.

    Please visit Little Asia in Plano…ZTao Marketplace

  15. How many H Marts are in Houston? I had a friend from Korea who moved to Houston and I helped her find H Mart in Katy in 2011. Very awesome place; huge!!! I like Asian snacks like the dried peas. Unfortunately, I live in Corpus. Although the real estate down here in locations like Padre Island and where I bought my house have been big money makers, its only begining to see variety in food as more folks move here to invest in some of the cheapest waterfront real estate in the US. Id love to see more Indian groceries. We do suddenly have alot of new Asian resteraunts. The Korean BBQs are local favorites. No longer just Taquerias. McAllen Texas has a surprising number of Asian folks and resteraunts. LG (is LG still around?) has or had a big factory in Reynosa Mexico so many people from Korea live in Mcallen and commute. A few of my Asian friends have become like long lost famly members and have introduced me to some great Asian food favorites. I didnt even know what edamame was until 2011. Goof stuff. I love it. I might go to Indonesia someday. The food my friends in Pontianak show me looks crazy!

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