Who gets the House in a Divorce in Texas? Buyout? Owelty Lien?

Who gets the House in a Divorce in Texas? Buyout? Owelty Lien?

What is a divorce buyout? Who gets the house in a divorce in Texas?
Thinking about buying out your spouse? Learn if a refinance divorce buyout is right for you?
Can you buy someone out of a house during a divorce? What happens to property owned before marriage?

Learn your options. Do you need to sell the home? Or can you buy someone out of a house during a divorce? Learn if a buyout is right for you?

Texas is a Community Property State. Learn what that means for you?
Also, What is the Average (Hidden) Maintenance cost of home repairs?

What happens to the mortgage in a divorce?

As Divorce Real estate Specialists, we can help you get connected to Lenders, CDFAs, and Divorce Attorneys

Get preapproved today buyout your spouse


Keep The House, For The Right Reasons
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Feeling uncertain? Together we can help you make an informed decision to keep the house or not based on affordability. It is pertinent to gather real estate documents in the discovery phase as decisions made during mediation are final. Don’t delay!

Did you know? You can take as much as 95% of the equity out of your home when buying out your spouse.
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Get more answers just like this & the clarity you need:
What is my home worth?
Can I keep my current house?
How much will I profit, if we sell?
Is your home uninsurable, due to claims?
Can I afford a new house?
Top questions to ask before hiring a Divorce attorney

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  1. If my husband bought the house 2 years for 380k before marriage we’re married for 18 years , now the value of property is 900 k

  2. I kept the house back in 2005 with an Owelty lien in place. My kids are grown and gone from house. How can I cancel this lien out now?

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