Who Gets to Stay in the House During Divorce? with Attorney Susan Guthrie

Who Gets to Stay in the House During Divorce? with Attorney Susan Guthrie

Can I make my spouse move out? I don’t want to live with them! We argue all the time! Living together while getting a divorce adds an incredible amount of stress onto an already stressful situation but can you make them move out? How does the court decide who has to move? Attorney Susan Guthrie answers these question and more in this video!

Recently named as one of the top family law attorneys and mediators in the country, Attorney Susan Guthrie, calls upon her 30 years of experience in the field, as both a top litigator as well as a mediation professional, in order to bring you the top tips and latest tools to help you navigate the divorce process more easily, and with less expense and stress. As Susan likes to say, “This Ain’t Your Mama’s Divorce”!


  1. Even prenuptial agreements cannot save you sometimes.

    I basically remember how women treated me before I was doing well.

    I pay attention to how they approach me now.

    The type of woman and relationship I end up with will determine how much extra effort I want to do to make sure that she is okay if we split up.

    Now if I have someone who is just depleting my resources and I am living at work 60 hours a week to be broke every week and she threatens to zero me if we don’t stay together then obviously I’m going to fight her over assests and alimony based on what she did to me in the marriage.

    Women should understand how it feels to be used like this if they have had men physically attracted to them who kinda feel flat on his role after getting her pregnant.

    I don’t want to ruin her life she don’t wanna ruin mine. Things should just be civil. The problem is that things are everyone’s business these days. With the lie of personal privacy.

  2. If your a man with children, you will lose your house to her via a quick claim deed. The judge gives both the house and the children to her. If the house was yours before marriage, you lose it anyway – the court says it’s a "gift to the marriage" .
    The only way to keep it is not get married. Lawyers will say we can fight that but it’s only to get your money.

  3. What if you buy a house separately, not on the deed, title, loan anything and that spouse seperates? Side not this isnt a community property state and the other spouse has never lived in the house

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