Who Is Chris A. Matthews Marriage Counselor Charlotte, North Carolina

Who Is Chris A. Matthews Marriage Counselor Charlotte, North Carolina

Who Is Chris A. Matthews? The Marriage Counselor from Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris A. Matthews is a licensed marriage and family therapist, (LMFT) and an approved supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He holds both a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He primarily works with couples in need of assistance navigating their marriages and relationships. Chris A. Matthews believes as a marriage counselor, it is his job to be a co-pilot to help guide couples through the storms of conflict, infidelity, grief, trauma, and life’s transitions such as parenting, employment, and blended family issues. As a fellow relationship partner, he has been married for 15 years (and counting) with three kids, Chris A. Matthews can personally relate to the ups and downs of making a marriage work. His approaches are genuine, and he values the opportunity to be a part of the healing process in order to create peace, insight, and tranquility between intimate partners. In addition to implementing best practice treatment modalities, Chris leans on his ability to establish deep rooted connections with the couples and families he works with.

A Man of Faith
I personally have leaned on my relationship with God to be the lighthouse that guides me through my life. I can recall countless times I depended on my faith to lead me toward becoming a better man, a better husband, and a better father. Although I am a member of a presbyterian church, I strive to put God first and have a deep level of respect for all religions, faiths, and spiritual practices and beliefs.

I knew I wanted to be married early in life and learned how to respect women from the relationship I developed with my mother and sister. The friendship and companionship marriage offers are the two greatest selling points for me. As I reflect over how my wife and I have grown together over these past 17 years, I would not have wanted to go through these phases of life alone or with any other partner. She is the most peaceful person I have ever met and that peace she exhibits transpires in my life as the steadiness I need to follow my dreams. She is truly my best friend and number one supporter.

My three children are the greatest responsibilities I have in my life. They are not my possessions but yet individual humans that I have been assigned to love, nurture, guide, and teach so they can fulfill the purposes and assignments they were brought onto the earth to complete. My children give me the opportunity to live life three times over through the lens of being their father.

Becoming a business owner and entrepreneur which, I like to define as one who develops a portfolio of multiple profitable business opportunities really found me. After less than a year into the workforce following college, I learned very quickly that I was not job material. Despite gaining praise and recognition for my work performance I became a dreamer, a believer that the rules of the workplace were up for negotiation and I could create the best offer for myself.

AAMFT and Clinical Mental Health Supervisor
I am qualified to supervise counselors across three mental health disciplines: marriage and family therapy, clinical mental health counseling, and the field of addiction counseling. Becoming a clinical supervisor places, me in a position to assist more men and minorities with obtaining their mental health licensing credentials.

Professional Speaker and Trainer
Offering presentations, trainings, and speeches in front of live audiences is my greatest passion. I become one with the energy in the room and deliver an arsenal of analogies and metaphors which bring whatever subject matter I am speaking on to life. I enjoy the entire process beginning with conducting the necessary research in order to craft a presentation that is relevant and updated. Then I segue into forming the outline which for me is like writing the music that will be played to an audience seeking to be informed, educated, and most of all engaged.

I authored my first book in 2020, titled Finding Your Relationship Fix and am in the process of completing a second book, which will explore in detail my personal mental health journey along my rise to become an industry leading relationship expert.

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