Why 70 to 90% Of Women Initiate the Divorce

Why 70 to 90% Of Women Initiate the Divorce

Why 70 to 90% Of Women Initiate the Divorce: 70 to 90% of divorces were initiated and insisted on by the female. Census data show that between 1825 to 1866, 60% of divorces were initiated by women.

Nearly two hundred years since the first survey given, a 2017 study by the National center for health statistics quoted similar number with 69% of women wanting to call quits on the marriage. The same publication states that if the female has a higher educational degree like a bachelor, that number jumps to 90%.

Nine out of every ten women want divorce if they have a college degree.

But why? Why Are women so prone to leave men and file for divorce. There are 3 key reasons why according to sociologists.

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Link From Chapter: https://web.stanford.edu/~mrosenfe/Rosenfeld_gender_of_breakup.pdf


  1. How true, I do feel pity BUT I am very happy with my new, cooking, cleaning, bad ass life. Thank you for another informative and outstanding video.

  2. Two married professionals.

    If the husband doesn’t pull his weight on the household chores, the woman gets pissed, and if it’s a long-term situation, she leaves. But she monkey branches, so she’s already banging another guy by the time the husband finds out that she’s leaving.

    If the husband does pull his weight and do at least half or sometimes more of the household obligations, the wife eventually sees the guy as a pussy. Part of her monkey branching scenario probably includes banging the pool boy.

    The only way it seems to work is when a couple hires out the household chores.

    Also, neither sees the other persons chores as real chores compared to their own.

  3. Could it be that women are quite immature and when they don’t get their way with the man that they’re lighting quick to wanna divorce as well as run away?

  4. My wife also divorced me. She thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. It was actually Astroturf.

  5. initiating a divorce is the worst thing a man can can do because he will simply go bankrupt after the divorce. The divorce laws are completely biased towards men. Even a carrot can figure this out.😂

  6. I mean, if men start listening to their wives and treating them like human beings with real thoughts and feelings instead of a live-in maid, nanny, and booty-call, maybe women wouldn’t initiate divorce as much. Just a thought 🤷‍♀️

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