Why are I 751 Petitions so slow?

Why are I 751 Petitions so slow?

One of Audra’s clients recently received their I-751 approval THREE YEARS after filing. She explains why the USCIS is so slow to adjudicate these cases. #I751petition #I751 #doylelawatl #doylelawllc #immigrationlawyer #USCIS
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  1. Hi Atty, my case was submitted on Jan 4th 2021. It’s been 562 days so far and Potomac service center, do you recommend me to log a service request?

  2. Hello thank you for your information
    I have to file my I-751 next month and our house in the market for sale.
    If we sold after I get the extension
    It will be ok to change the address and add the new address? Thank you,

  3. Hello. My wife’s 2 yr conditional GC expired September 2021 and we filed for the i-751 couple of months before that. They advised Biometrics were not needed. USCIS website says ‘ case was received ‘ still. It’s been over 14 months now. What should we expect?

  4. I file i751 in February 2019. From may 2019 my case is ready to schedule an interview. So far not scheduled.. 44th month of waiting…

  5. i got my green card through marriage Cr1 visa for almost a year and half now

    And I’m suppose to receive 2years green card because my marriage was less than 2 years when the first green card issued ! But ,I received a 10 years green instead of 2 which is conditional .

    And I think USCIS made a mistake by sending incorrect expiration date on the card
    I tried called them twice but the call representative told me that my case is closed and

    What should I do ! Can I send the form remove of condition !
    Do I have to send the green card back or can I send the ROC while is i-90 is pending
    Or should I wait till the 90 days before my second anniversary !

    I need help please thanks in advance

  6. Hi Audra. Is it possible to get a duplicate I 797 notice of action? I filed my I 751 in Aug of 2021. Within two weeks of the filing, I received the I 797 C notice of action extending my green card automatically by 18 months. And then a couple of months later, I received another I 797 notice of action extending by green card by 24 months. Unfortunately, when I was traveling across country, my car was broken into and I lost my 24 month extension notice of action. I was wondering if it is possible to either get a duplicate copy of this or make an appointment with a USCIS office and possibly get my passport stamped. Any advice? Thank you in advance

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