Why Couples Counseling Rarely Works

Why Couples Counseling Rarely Works

Must-know information before choosing a marriage or relationship counselor/therapist, to ensure you get the best help available!

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  1. I rarely leave comments but I couldn’t click next before stating that this was an excellent video presentation and content.

  2. Many adults are still behaving like children, and are not healthy to be in a relationship with.

    To be married with someone, you need to love and serve one another.

    No nagging, no "gaslighting ", no swearing, no alcoholism, no pornography, no flirting with other people, no accusing, …

    Make time for each other, and build your relationship with friendship time. Laugh together, go do fun stuff together. Find out your "love language "… & enjoy!

    Good luck.

    Single is awesome.

    God is good all the time.

    Love Princess Holly of Australia hairdresser, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ Son of God 🕊🌿🍞🍷

  3. And here is an actual "Couples Counseling By Proxy" case. This legal but unethical therapy method can be very hurtful, harmful and psychologically damaging when therapists do not follow professional ethics. Youtube vid titled: "Casual sex non intimate couples counseling; unethical, hurtful, legal, NASW & APA complicit. Ban it?" IMO the psychotherapy industry needs far stricter regulation and better state oversight.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciwvvs1C3bU&fbclid=IwAR0MToDrx7TVxjAF5mEuJVylYvK9g9gvvEXnapIcXhE_O-1B2EbexuOkzqA

  4. It is always interesting seeing PROFESSIONALS in the Couples Counseling industry admitting that their profession is a total ethical mess, & the professional services they offer rarely work! As is often the case, a therapist is incompetent, she or he will take sides, attempt to convince one party to either break up or divorce the other party, start fresh with a new love interest, because it is EASIER for the shrink.

    Equally interesting, is that most of these therapists place the responsibility of finding the so called "right" therapist, onto the CLIENT. This is SO WRONG!
    INSTEAD – the Mental Health profession and state licensing boards should be doing their best to insure that no matter who a potential client sees for therapy, that client is going to get the best possible mental health care – REGARDLESS of who the therapist is.

    Placing ALL of the responsibility onto the client – THIS SHOULD CHANGE!. MOST of the responsibility should be placed onto the mental health industry. MICHIGAN lawmakers need to go toward STANDARDIZATION of CLINICALLY PROVEN therapy techniques…and BAN any form of psychotherapy or marital counseling that can not demonstrate proven techniques backed up by CLINICAL TRIALS that have the same tough standards that the FDA requires for medications. Because this is an INSURANCE FRAUD issue, a CONSUMER FRAUD issue, and most importantly, a safe and effective efficacy issue.

    If you are seeking MEDICAL help or treatment for a disease – would you accept the idea that it is the PAITENT’s responsibility to find the correct medication? I don’t think so. So why then, is the Mental health profession GIVEN A PASS in this regard

    Some further info – an actual CASE, in which a relationship was destroyed by so called "Couples Counseling":


    This is a companion video to two related videos titled:
    Restrict "Couples Counseling by Proxy"? NASW Ethics of 3rd party psychotherapy communications.

    Harmful Cross Transference in Couples Counseling: Iatrogenic effects of Psychotherapy By Proxy
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnCzo9EoxC8

    These Vids were also shared in the Facebook group: Plymouth, Canton, Northville Politics, History, Michigan
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/15837

  5. I think that your title and theme is misleading and further emphasizes the toxic stigma around couples counseling and consulting mental health professionals in the first place. I know you are just trying to advertise your business but in realizing this video does more harm than good. Yes what you are saying is true about that approach to counseling but the fact of the matter is that this is not the approach that the overwhelming majority of psychologist take. This is undermined the profession all so that your practice can attract more customers than the others but working against the people who need the treatment the most.

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