Why scientists are going after Ice? #vigyanrecharge

Why scientists are going after Ice? #vigyanrecharge

About video :- Why scientist are going after Ice? #vigyanrecharge
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  1. Three countries have the biggest hand in spoiling the environment
    1).Brazil:-(due to large scale destruction of Amazon and its other forests)
    2.USA:- (For its greenhouse-gas emissions and conversion of its prairie to farmland)
    3).China:- (for its water pollution, deforestation and carbon emissions).

  2. Dost tere hisab se sab sahi he likin mere hisab se jo ho raha he wo he sahi agar vataran se tuje farak padta he to ye kaam chhod de

  3. America jo world ka 100% energy ka 28 % use krta hai jbki china or India sa 4 times less populated hain or yhi wo desh hain jisna anti nature kaam kiya Hiroshima and Nagasaki main atomb bomb gira k

  4. 🇨🇳 china be like thing no guarantee warranty but virus warranty guarntee unlimited

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