Wife Caught Her Husband Marrying Another Woman : WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU

Wife Caught Her Husband Marrying Another Woman : WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU

This Is The Update : https://youtu.be/ISoQ7vbWqDc

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This Is The Story Of A Woman Who Caught His Husband Red Handed

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This video shows The love story that shocked the world
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  1. I am sure the sociopathic man duped the new wife. It s absolutely horrific. May God provide and comfort her always

  2. How many of us are guilty of this grooming men to be good men for Other Woman and then we are the ones who lose out in the end. Very unfair

  3. Why some other men do to women like this imagine this is a sad story to this woman being left with this children let the woman seek justice and the man be punished accordingly

  4. She’s being very disobedient. Her husband has gone out of his way to get her sister wife and this is the way she repays him? Absolute wickedness

  5. Punishment should be served in front of all 😡🤛 cheaters should be jailed for life. No word to say🤦‍♀️😭

  6. Wolves in sheep’s clothing men posing as pastors should have stopped performing the ceremony and corrected that adulterous act.

  7. I love all the comments… y’alls SIMP/man-hate is on auto.

    We haven’t heard a word this man has to say in his own defense.

    But you completely ignore her crazy, violent, masculine behavior… let alone the fact that there is always another side to ANY story.

    Yet all of this is completely ignored, because man bad, wahmern good. Fools.

    Good on him, that new wife is young, fit, feminine.

    Misery loves company, and he was clearly done giving her his company.

    For millennia, men have had multiple wives for this EXACT reason.

    _Better to live on the corner of a roof than share a home with a quarrelsome wife; Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. -Proverbs 21:9;19_

  8. This hurts my heart, I’m so glad they didn’t marry them on this day. God bless her in every way she’s better and more mature than me, because I would’ve attacked the other woman standing there being so calm looking at me telling everyone she is marrying MY husband. With this betrayal I would’ve went to jail. I for sure would have shown up for that wedding as well.

  9. This is the reason to why I can’t let go of my husband in the name of Am going to the city to make money while I stay back in the village.kama ni kuenda tuandamane wote

  10. This is heart breaking! This man and all involved in this will answer to God. And may the Lord be with that poor woman and her five children who had to go through this pain abandonment and trauma.

  11. Some men are so damn disgusting. Such a coward to not face his duties as a husband and father and to be honest and tell her that he’s not happy. Dog…

  12. OMG this man is sick really..i shouldn’t have got married to him also.after wacthing what he’s family goes through..
    I should’ve gone inthe pastors office call her go take off my wedding dress and everything..wear her..come out of there and tell him that if you love me marry her..

  13. What’s funny? You African left your culture and followed the ways of the people you didn’t know where they come from.
    See how you are behaving even animals has good behavior. By the way l heard that Kenyans are allowed to have two women, so how is this one making a mistake doing what is written in your books?
    While you read those books of foreigners who told you that marry one wife while they didn’t tell you that they kill them before marrying again
    This man didn’t do anything wrong except he is not responsible man. So he is following both books.

  14. I think the current woman, who looks like a foreigner, must be in total shock! I bet the man told her that he was divorced (even though I suspect that he had a traditional marriage with his wife) and that he only had two children!! 😒😒

  15. Don’t worry my Sister, there is God in heaven and that wedding is already cursed. If l were the new bride, it was the end of the road. Much respect to the Pastor for cancelling the wedding, its a cursed wedding

  16. What the husband did is wrong in the sight of God, that man is a wicked man and don’t deserve to be with another woman

  17. The new would be bride looks young. She’s probably older than she appears but I would have easily guessed she was a teenager.

    Some people say that they don’t understand how she would not be angry with the woman’s husband but maybe he’s talked so bad about the true wife that she thinks she is a monster, or thinks they’re divorced or she is just really naive. Seems to me this was an arranged marriage so she probably had not much say in it? Look at the way she stands by him, not straight and happy but almost like she cowers. I think this was the husband and maybe his family/her parents doing? I hope that after all this, seeing the real wife and their children, she sees through him and it does something inside her that she’s able to do right and walk away from him. And is able keep herself from any mistakes/bad choices like this in the future.

  18. What kind of religion is? Why the pastors allowed and gave blessing sacrament to the man who was married and his wife is alive still with 3 children ?

  19. Common sense on the bride’s part would be for her to realize what kind of man he really is because ,this could be her in a few years. Whatever happens she should not marry this unlawful man.

  20. These people are so fcked up. What about your kids? Why have them in the first place. Americans are the same. Don’t have kids if you can’t afford to raise them losers

  21. I will not even bother coz such men don’t know what love is the first wife despite being neglected with all those children en hardships at home she is still beautiful he will still abadon the second wife

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