Wife Filed For Divorce | Is It a Lost Cause? Is There a Glimmer of Hope?

Wife Filed For Divorce | Is It a Lost Cause? Is There a Glimmer of Hope?


So your wife filed for divorce – how do you change her mind? If your wife has filed for divorce, is it over and should you give up?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is giving up and becoming demotivated when their wife has filed for divorce – they think that this is the moment when things are hopeless and when they are over. But this, as you will find, is a massive mistake and a massive shame.

In this video, I am going to show you that the moment when your wife files for divorce is not really the end, but really the beginning of your journey. I am going to show you the psychological mechanics of why this is, and why the moment when your wife filed for divorce is the exact moment you need to double down on the right processes.

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  1. Have watched a bunch of your videos geoffrey
    They do seem very good but there seems to be this undertone that women have no agency and no accountability and all and responsibilities are on the man to "make her happy"
    Just trying to understand shouldn’t both parties be responsible for the union
    It’s very hard on men to maintain a marriage these days with the skewed cash and prizes family law system and society everywhere telling women that they are wonderful and they deserve it all.
    I am in my 2nd marriage and it is declining rapidly. A few months ago things were good but I can feel my wife is backing towards the exits commiting little acts of sabotage and it is extremely distressing. I am potentially one frustrated outburst away from losing my 2nd family and 2nd set of children. The thought of getting wiped out and being homeless again in my mid 40s is not pleasant

  2. Life changing insight. Thank you Geoffrey. Have you thought of doing a program on money management? I’m facing separation due to my horrific money issues.

  3. Jeffrey what can I do if my x doesn’t text me back I know that she will remove her texting on her setting I was about to video chat and no answer I don’t know what to do about this do I need to write to her write to he more massage on instagram or I need to wait

  4. Hi Geoffrey, your video was pretty hard dose of reality with regards to my problem. I am Joseph Santosh from Chennai India, 34 was married for three years and my wife filed for divorce through mutual consent ,as u mentioned in the video many at times I faced the test of challenges by her always asking for divorce but later confessing she does it to irritate me and it’s a common way for her to get me rilled up to see my reactions. Last year September 2020 she met with the lawyers without my knowledge and filed for divorce through mutual consent which I wasn’t aware of but was informed by her lawyers to meet up and decide about proceeding further, when asked she was totally dead on getting a divorce cause she doesn’t want to continue the married life and she looks at me not as a husband but as a friend but when questioned about not sharing her thoughts she doesn’t give a honest answer or not willing to tell me.

    With reference to what u said at the last few minutes in your video about her playing a bluff to put me in a situation to test whether my relationship with her is real or fake .The worst part is I took time to decide on it and she further threatened to file for contest divorce so she could get rid of me and she did succeed in getting rid of me.

    We had a arranged Christian marriage so legally we are divorced but under the church still married ,I still am trying to get her back but she has blocked me totally from all social media ,not answering my texts or calls and now couldn’t get in touch with her whatsoever.

    Maybe she did this on purpose or is she still testing me or I should have left her to contest for divorce during the process I could have revied our marriage . Is it too late Geoff for me to try and reconcile with her ,to get her to love me again and get married again is it possible . I made the mistake of letting time slip by cause I had six months time in between the separation before appearing in court ,I should have taken steps to reconcile with her but my ego and her betrayal of trust didn’t allow me to do any attempts. After watching your videos I am thinking I still have hope to work on myself to grow and get her back . Or now the divorce is done and she has no contact with me means that she has moved on ? I am not sure what to do cause I can’t move past her to some other women just can’t.

    I am sorry it’s long but I thought of sharing to you once I saw your videos .

  5. Hey guys hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts?

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  6. Geoffrey,
    I went through your masterclass awhile ago. An I’m sorry I wasn’t able to purchase the RR I so badly wish I could but I couldn’t step up to it.
    However, every time you drop a video I get so excited. I learn so much from you an I admire you as a coach so much. I’ve combined lessons from many coaches around the web. 5 months ago I was left, I felt like my situation was so unique haha. Well, me an my ex are taking small steps towards being fully in love better than ever.
    I didn’t want to email you this, but I wanted to share with you. Thank you. The results are real when you absolutely do not give up, just man up an build yourself. Bless you man. I felt so defeated but wouldn’t back down. The love of my life just spent the last 48 hours with me an I did a big thing, I brought up difficult talk an she opened up deeper than ever. You are a king brother.

  7. Why would I want her back she’s the one that initiated the break up so why even try there’s no contact no contact rule doesn’t work how do I know if she wants to work on it if she doesn’t want to be contacted I replaced love in my heart for her with anger and hate and it’s going to be there for the rest of my life and that’s the way I choose to live and nothings going to change it

  8. I was terrible at times over the 3 years we were together. Yelling belittling . She has an alcoholic problem before i met her. However i acknowledge to the full that i am accepting of my actions. What can i do when she wants space and yet still drinks and blames me still for her mental state of mind. Have you got some advice please

  9. I thing is I don’t want to heal I have no life and that’s the way I choose to live the pandemic is almost over maybe I’m not about to go out by myself and do things because everything is opening up because after 25 years I had my wife and we did things together it’s just not the same when everything opens back up going back to normal there is normal for me seeing everybody go to Disneyland and stuff like that I just can’t see myself doing stuff like that by myself or without her but eventually I will I’m almost done thinking about her every day I’m getting over that already

  10. My wife said she wants a divorce and can’t forgive me for saying F this marriage I haven’t seen her in 5 weeks

  11. I have given up on her we don’t text or call her feel there’s no hope the divorce date is coming up in two months I’ve learned to live without her and I’m pretty sure she learned to live with out me because that’s what she’s wanted so her planet is almost completeI don’t blame her for being so selfish I’m not gonna forgive her for the rest of my life but I’m starting to feel better about what happened as far as being myself and I kind a like it I don’t know I’m not responsible for anybody else for me

  12. Hey Geoffrey So my wife doesn’t want the divorce but she says that she wants to separate and be by her self and live the single life I don’t know what does that mean

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