Winning the Military Divorce

Winning the Military Divorce

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While California law is the same when it comes to members of the military as anywhere else, there are some unique issues that come up in a military divorce that you should be aware of. A United States Military divorce presents unique obstacles that are typically not found in a civilian divorce, like how to divide military retirement benefits and how to file if a spouse is on deployment. This video discusses some of the main concepts of a military divorce and tips on how to win one.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – Show/interview overview
01:00 – Colonel Candelore speaks about his professional background
01:33 – Differences between a military divorce and a civilian divorce
02:08 – Summary of the Frozen Asset Rule
03:09 – How the military pension is affected in a divorce
03:46 – How different jurisdictions affect a military divorce
05:50 – How mediation can affect the outcome of a military divorce
07:00 – The difference between having an attorney with military divorce experience and one that does not
08:12 – How to find one of the most experienced military divorce attorneys in San Diego
08:37 – Closing

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  1. The Gillmore Election CANNOT be used in military divorces because it is not a pension. Please don’t pay attention to that BS. Any judge who entertains or orders that is breaking the law and any attorney who claims that or attempts it is committing malpractice. What garbage.

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