Wisconsin Divorce Tips: How to fill out your financial disclosure statement

Wisconsin Divorce Tips: How to fill out your financial disclosure statement

Attorney David N. Iancu, Partner with Karp & Iancu, walks through the actual Wisconsin State Financial Disclosure Statement form and gives some practical tips and suggestions for filling out this very important and mandatory family court form.

You can download the State form here:

*Note to Karp & Iancu clients: we use our own in-house form that is slightly different, but all of the same tips and suggestions apply to Karp & Iancu’s financial disclosure form.*

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  1. What if I was never shown my ex husbands financial disclosure? He lied about everything and also lied saying he made $45,000 when he makes $125,000. I got last years taxes he filed as joint without my consent and he makes $125,000. I was financially abused and didn’t know what he was making at all. I wasn’t even allowed shampoo or deodorant without constant scrutiny. I was a stay at home mom.

  2. There is also the option of an Income & Expense Statement which is less detailed. If we already agree on everything and no kids, no spousal support, can you use that instead? Thanks!

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