Wisconsin Marital Settlement Agreement – EXPLAINED

Wisconsin Marital Settlement Agreement – EXPLAINED

Official Wisconsin Marital Settlement Agreement: https://bit.ly/3mJgwEZ

A Wisconsin Marital Settlement Agreement records terms and conditions that will govern a married couple’s divorce/separation and life after the dissolution of their marriage. Essentially, it’s a legally binding contract where the two spouses establish relevant divorce terms, ranging from alimony payments and property distribution to child support and visitation rights.

In this video, we’ll discuss:
– How a marital/divorce settlement agreement works and its essential functions;
– The importance of a formal, written settlement agreement;
– Legal divorce requirements in Wisconsin; and
– Where to get an official template!

If the spouses maintain a decent relationship, it may be faster and less painless to decide on all matters and finalize a settlement agreement. Yet, some divorce cases may be more complicated than others, such as those involving minor children. This can mean the couple simply cannot strike any sort of deal due to a series of complications. At that point, it’s best to seek legal counsel or mediation.

Still, spouses who agree can draft their arrangement and submit it in court for approval. Doing so has two major benefits as it may:
– Avoid lengthy and drawn-out trials in court, which are standard in contested divorce cases; and
– Bypass the need to hire an expensive divorce attorney, as the spouses would reach an accord without legal assistance.

For more information about Wisconsin marital settlement agreements, their functions, and some legal requirements, watch our video — and then head to the link above for an official template!

Wisconsin Marital Settlement Laws: Subch. IV of CH. 767

Free Version: https://eforms.com/marital-settlement-agreement/wi/

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