WOKE Judges promote divorce to ENSLAVE MEN with child support and fund their own retirement!

WOKE Judges promote divorce to ENSLAVE MEN with child support and fund their own retirement!

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  1. And who do you fight? How do you fight? The very people you would turn to for help on this conflict of interest matter are the very people you’re fighting.

  2. Actually government promotes marriage licenses. So that they can promote divorce and control you while you married and after you divorce because the marriage license is a contract and the state writes all the rules.

  3. Wow that’s a huge conflict of interest and a motive for judges to hike up child support payments. It’s in their own best interests to do so. It’s a broken system for sure.

  4. Unless people play the system and get "divorced" and stay together and apply for low income assistance and share the financial wealth.

  5. ABOLISH Qualified immunity ALL immunity and stop them from investigating themselves and being over the body cam video footage and over the evidence unit 🙏😇🧠 it’s bribery and is unconstitutional check out child support made simple YouTube channel in iron sharpens iron YouTube channel about fighting and winning against child support and sueing this day in child support agency 😂 Lbvs according to supreme Court child support is unconstitutional Google it it’s time to fight back 🪖🛡️🙏💪💯👑💫🎯

  6. Man, it’s a dangerous thing to s#!t on marriage … it’s the key to a man’s happiness and the key to a stable society

  7. I can’t help but think, now that we know California is actively engaged in the same thing, I smell a conflict of interest, if the judges are paying for their own retirements out of Child support… normal 2–3 constitutional provisions come to mind that this might be blatantly off the smell test of judicial ethics.

  8. Child support is a nasty mafia.
    Remember names, faces.
    Never forgive
    Never forget
    Justice is around the corner.

  9. Shameful state of Texas on its veterans will take the veterans money as income for disability and then added to if they’re working therefore getting to the near cap of 2300 per month. So instead of picking the job and leaving the disability which is compensation for what military members had to go through. In addition to all this bull crap if the veteran goes to school and gets basic housing allowance then that is also considered income

  10. Ok men we no this now what we going to do… I try to fight child support an I told the judge why do she gets a big retirement when I pay for my kids.. they kick me out of court men stop being so damn thirsty an come together n fight this

  11. Minnesota divorce judges, especially the women judges are the absolute worst in all of the United States.

  12. So in sum…the state gov’ts and courts are defrauding our male citizens, by forcing dads to be non custodial parents, and then issuing inflated child support orders, so the state can make money from the federal gov’t. There should be thousands of lawsuits against states for fraud

  13. instead of just believing this guy, i went and read title 4d, which is actually part of the social security act . what he is saying is a gross misrepresentation of what the law actually is. it only reimburses some, but not all, if what the state spends to collect child support. it does not somehow fund the attorney generals office. stop believing what you want to believe and do the research yourself. oh, and if men would just pay their child support, States wouldn’t have to spend all that money to track them down. that’s called manning up.

  14. Frankly, the fact that Judges get retirement funds from child support should invalidate any decision they make beyond reducing or eliminating child support.

  15. *Not just divorce, but also out-of-wedlock birth’s.*

    More Illegitimate children = More Child Support orders.

  16. If the judges are retiring from this then they have a financial vested interest in destroying marriages and relationships. They all need to be held in contempt and brought up on charges of racketeering

  17. I’m pretty sure that our government doesn’t believe in God but needs us to so that we forgive and forget……


  19. When are American’s gonna get there heads out of there ass and realize were better of without this government. Its time to drain the shit from the toilet. This corruption has to stop

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