Woman Paid for Boyfriend's Divorce Attorney | Part 1

Woman Paid for Boyfriend's Divorce Attorney | Part 1

Christine paid for her new boyfriend’s divorce attorney after they had been dating for only a month.


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  1. For anyone who wants to know, this same episode aired on television the day this video was uploaded. The person running this channel uploads the same episode that airs on tv.

    That’s some dedication.

  2. Wait! After ONE month you not only have ‘things’ at each others’ homes but you’re already losing thousands of dollars!?! Ludicrous!

  3. geez…… HE’S in a messy custody & divorce SSOOOOOOOO………… he’s online looking for a sugar mama!! 😂 girl DON’T be so desperate.

  4. I see cases like this and realize that the mistakes I’ve made are so minor compared to this crazy impulsive sh— people do.

  5. It’s sad to see 20yr olds doing stupid things instantaneously for love. It’s just wild seeing people in their 40s and 50s doing it.

  6. Red Flag when a new girlfriend of 4 weeks is rushing you to divorce. B4 you know, you wake up to a Vegas road trip and an Elvis Presley wedding. 😮😮😅😂

  7. As soon as he said New York, JJ straightened up in her chair. To me that meant she thought, "oh, this is gonna be so good!"

  8. Met in March and was dropping his stuff off already AND paid for his divorce and u only was with him a month!?!?! Girl your face is next to the word desperate in the dictionary! Where is part 2?

  9. Don’t date men who are married. Let them get their divorce first!! They usually don’t ever get divorced!!

  10. Girl….I wouldn’t have shown my face on a tv show admitting I paid for a loser’s divorce. How desperate are you? Sweet baby Jesus. I guess he’s her Pedro Pascal…..Good Lord.

  11. What divorce does to poor men like this guy is why the rates of marriage have gone downhill. Why bother?

  12. The plaintiff should lose due to being such a moron for pursuing that married broke ass clown 🤡 😂

  13. Not only does she pay for his divorce, which is craaaaazy but they only knew each other a month??? I guess I was never a fast type lol. That’s beyond desperation. Then you go on Judge Judy to let the world know…well no shame LOL.

  14. These comments are misogynistic as HELL. He was separated from his wife and moved onto this woman who told him she didn’t actually want to further their relationship, RIGHTFULLY SO, until he was properly divorced. He then proceeded to tell her if SHE paid for it he would reimburse her with his workers comp. Stop with this “she was desperate” and “she stole another woman’s man” shit. If she was desperate she wouldn’t have told him she wanted to end the relationship until the divorce was finalised. People can be married and separated considering it can take years to finalise a divorce

  15. Ok, paying for this prize’s lawyer was bad enough (call it blinded by love), but once the blinders are off, you go away and try to forget. I can’t imagine going in tv and announcing my poor judgment to the world!!

  16. How did she fall fo this? This man have a hard time expressing himself. I can only imagine how he asked her to do all of this. All of this was the plaintiff’s ideas.

  17. NOPE!! This dude is a NIGHTMARE WHEN HE TALKS!
    He has to explain everything leading up to the question he is asked to asnwer.
    This is arrogance that people need to know or can’t comprehend without more info.
    ~And this woman is also gross.

  18. Don’t feel sorry for her at all. Come on. Paying for his divorce lawyer after a month of knowing him? Shouldn’t have been seeing him to begin with. Bottom line…a man is married until he is divorced so he’s not available. Have some respect for yourself and don’t be a fool!

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