Woman Records Former High School Coach Admitting They Had Relationship

Woman Records Former High School Coach Admitting They Had Relationship

In 1996, Emelie Morris was an honor student and star athlete at Lindbergh High School in suburban St. Louis. Her mom Joan says Emelie pursued cross country track at the urging of her coach Jim Wilder. Coach Wilder was 29 and Emelie was just 15. In a tape-recorded conversation, the former coach spoke about being smitten with the pretty teen. Her little sister Andrea vividly recalls sensing something was wrong with Emelie’s sudden and scary mood swings. #InsideEdition


  1. Wow perfect case of how white on white crime isn’t reported properly or handled. The police and legislators can do something about this but they won’t. Funny how they changed everything to illegally lock up Bill Cosby for things that allegedly happended in the past but nothing for this young lady. Smdh

  2. Wow, that escalated quickly. I was hoping to see him in prison for this but suddenly she is found dead with a bag over her head?
    Sus af.

  3. Wasn’t there a video that proved you can’t suffocate yourself to death. He probably knew he was going to be exposed. 🙁

  4. You crazy it’s tops a inappropriate relationship because he was her coach. But you now in most of Europe you would just out of a job and maybe some fines. If he was not her coach it would be fine in most countries.

  5. Pretty Little Liars show made teacher student romances acceptable. Plus, everyone comes back from the grave anyway.

  6. the way they said her body was laid couldnt be suicide I hope they re-open this case and find him guilty.

  7. I don’t understand why the parents police couldn’t use the recording of him admitting that he did it?

  8. I was following along on this story in hopes that the outcome would
    be heroic, and Emelie would surely win victorious. This ending was disgusting, insane and SICK. Shame on it all. She should NOT have died at the hands of the conspicuous.

  9. I think she enjoyed it … And probably wanted more then what it was ..was it wrong YES… Should he be in jail Absolutely.. do I think he killed her heck yeah… He was exposed RIP

  10. This is very clearly a bad *bad* dude. I’m not one to advocate for vigilantism, but… maybe this should be an exception.

  11. This all looks pretty sus. Like an episode of law and order. But, no justice on the end.

  12. How dumb. They don’t need her to press charges? They have all the proof they need. Plus she even went to the police herself; therefore her wishes should be granted and that man should be charged. That’s not even discussing the fact that he clearly murdered her!

  13. I am curious why the investigation was closed. Did they rule out his involvement in her death completely? Wtf? So sketch.

  14. The upcoming court case against Wilder wasn’t the only conflict in her life at the time.

    Joan also told police that at the time Emilie died she had been dating a married man and that his wife had been “harassing” Emilie about the relationship as recently as the week before she died, the police report stated.

    She was ruining another woman’s marriage?

  15. Um you just could of say no and told someone clearly she wasn’t using her head use your damn voice

  16. Just another man getting away with the r*pe and murder of another woman. Must be Tuesday.

  17. I sincerely hope that someday somebody finds this maggot asphyxiated with his head stuffed in a garbage can.

  18. . I think she was in love with the guy and when she found out he never loved her, she ended it. By law she wasnt old enough to consent, but she was 15…. NOT 5. The family will never admit to this, but its the truth.

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