Women Initiate 70% Of Divorce…

Women Initiate 70% Of Divorce…

In this video, I take a look at some articles discussing why women initiate 70% of divorce and share my opinion.


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  1. Interesting analysis because the year that my wife’s income surpassed mine was the year she said she wanted a divorce. Coincidental?

  2. @00:01:25 There is no way that divorce is more costly to women. Men have the lives ruined, their future stolen, their retirement confiscated, and are just simply financially destroyed by it. Then the woman uses the "proceeds" from that you pay her lawyer.

    The richest woman in the world,…got that way,…by divorcing Jeff Bezos. The only difference is that Jeff Bezos can absorb it, while Mr Average Guy cannot,…he is destroyed by it.

  3. the trend of women leaving men who dont earn as much as them seems so harsh. for years feminists wanted equality, now im pleased to see more women become wealthy it’s sad to see women use this against men re-creating the divide.

  4. Maybe we focus too much on relationships making us happy?

    Do we put the same focus, pressure and emphasis on us making ourselves happy when we’re single?

    We all know life is no picnic, there are good times and bad times, happy moments and sad ones, but we weather those moments with parents, children, siblings etc. And even when they get on your last nerve we hold them dear. Maybe if people focused more on building that kind of relationship and didn’t obsess about being happy things would work better.

  5. It does cost more for the man, often the man even has to pay for the woman’s divorce lawyer, then add in alimony, child support (women get custody 90% of the time), mortgage for the house she got in the divorce, health insurance for any children( till the age of 18 or 21 if they go to college) etc……. to say it cost women more is pure bullshit!

  6. Nowhere in those articles did they mention the obligations, responsibilities, and accountability of these divorcing women to their husbands and children. Also, the failure to mention just how lopsided family courts are against husbands in divorce settlements makes for overt side stepping of additional reasons why wives divorce.
    And of course, it begs the question; what’s the point of marriage anymore? Especially for men who regularly get their financial clocks cleaned in divorce.
    Lastly, it is clear via data from dating apps where women are now effectively sharing high value men as they’re not at all interested in the bottom 90% of guys. With that kind of selection and interest, and knowing this divorce data, do any of you women actually think those top 10% men have any interest in legal commitment? In settling for you?

  7. To be honest, if you’re going after a man who is successful/rich, in my opinion, that man could be too consumed with work to support you emotionally. So it’s very important to strike a balance there. If you are a woman who needs lots of emotional and family-oriented support, going for a corporate wealthy man is not going to meet that need..

  8. But sometimes the man may make less money but has a very physically demanding and/or dangerous job. In that case I’m not convinced that the man needs to be completely 50/50 with household chores.

  9. Courtney, I don’t think women can ask men to do the women’s jobs in the house. Men have their specific uses in the house and to demand more out of them just because the woman chose to be a working and taking on a lot more than she should, isn’t very reasonable. I think responsible men have always fulfilled their duties and just because women are changing their gender roles doesn’t mean that they can demand men to change theirs.

  10. This statistics pushes the MGTOW narrative further. I wonder if they count divorces due to infidelity or abuse?

  11. Hearing a lot of excuses for Women here from Courtney. Not a lot of solutions on how THEY need to adapt their behavior to resist falling into having no desire or need for their husbands. For the guys reading this she gives the picture of Modern Marriage where more likely than not you will seem disappointing to a Woman and end up divorced.

  12. Dual income households. Simple as that. When both parents work, there is no one to take care of the kids, home, cook. Feminism was a failure

  13. I call BS on the caregivers mismatch. Neither of my wives and none of my gfs ever provided a fraction of the care for me that I did them. A few of them have had children and in most cases they resented their kids. My last gf was such a shitty mother that her son, who turns 5 tomorrow, obviously loves the dad more, because he actually puts in the time to caregive and bond while she just sexts other men behind his back.

  14. Do you ever actually talk to men about these issues? Or do you just read some statistics and articles, and interview women? The hate and toxic comments you say you get from men, which I can hardly find in the comment section of this video, would probably go down if you actually cared.

  15. In the end, we are mammals. Animals are genetically programed to pick mates from physical attributes. Humans will to instinctively.

  16. Ya know this video actually makes me wonder do women ever actually marry or date for actual love? Or is it all now just finding a man that will give them the best lifestyle possible? I get wanting a man that can protect and provide but my parents have been married 30 years and they haven’t always lived the best life financially but they still love each other. Kind of wonder if it’s just modern women that have become kind of selfish and only want what’s best for them.

  17. My wife cheated on me while I was away for work. She was working from home and would have sex with the neighbor while our 5yo and 1yo daughters were in the house. She handed me papers as soon as I came back home. The way I was absolutely destroyed as a husband and a father by the family courts made it clear that I will never marry or have kids again — and I’ve successfully convinced some of my male friends of the same.

  18. Of those women who initiate divorce, how many remarried?

    Are women monkey branching, or are they cheating with a guy who actually has no long term interest in her?

  19. The problem with both partners doing what was once the females job is that eventually you get to a point were most of us men that are actually still in relationships and the dating scene start asking the same question on mass "how am I benefiting in any way from this relationship" and most can’t find a answer… it’s one of the reasons so many of us left… regardless of love!!! Why would we get in a relationship that in this day and age is THIS much of a net-negative????

    Edit: I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help I’m just pointing out the problem

  20. FYI… Women in AMERICA initiate 70% of Divorce… Women overseas have completely different stats…

  21. I don’t care how optimistic or positive your outlook is. Women known they don’t want to do physical or shitty labor after age 30, and men are their LEGAL way to "secure a bag." My brothers – do not cohabitate. Do not get married. Even if you want kids, you do not have to get married for that. As Courtney states, "Statistics speak for themselves."

  22. *This is the way it goes:*

    1: guy gets the balls to approach her and ask for her number

    2: after a few years of dating and realizing the responsibility he will face in a marriage, the guy finally gets the balls to propose, hoping she will say "yes"

    3: the guy busts his balls for the family for a decade if not longer

    4: the chick gets bored and falls for another guy and starts cheating for a while (women are really good at hiding it)

    5: when she finally wants to end the marriage, she mentally tortures and breaks her husband (given that she couldn’t care less), making sure that he cheats on her at some point

    6: then she catches him (men suck at hiding it) and pretends that she’s completely heartbroken

    7: she initiates the divorce on account of the fact that her husband cheated on her

    8: finally she divorces him and keeps everything that he worked for to keep the family together, plus all else that he had saved up prior to marrying her

    Men go through this hell all the time.

  23. I want to give the other side. I will be celebrating 59 years of marriage in November. My wife was 22 and I 28 when we married. When the first child came along, she quit working and was a SAHM while we had three children. She went back to work when we had two in college. Why did our marriage work? The culture was different. She was a virgin when we married. Women today are too experienced and jaded because of it. They are liberated from moral thinking and behavior. We had disagreements and arguments but we shared the same commitment. We had specific roles even when she worked, which changed after the kids were gone. Motherhood was the best career she had, that any woman can have.

    It was tough living on one income because you can’t live in luxury. It is no worse today than it was then. It takes grit and not many people have that today. My generation – between 1925 and 1945 – are the most to marry and the least to divorce than any other generation in the 20th century. It is because both men and women have changed after the Pill, the sexual revolution, and no fault divorce. Why should men marry today when women are almost guaranteed to end it?
    Jordan Peterson believes wives initiate more divorces because women are often neurotic.

    My wife has dementia now and I was her caretaker several years until she had a stroke which took away her ability to walk. A nursing home is her residence today.

  24. I had a long-term marriage (25 years) and my wife several times commented "we ought to split up" but I was stubborn and thought marriage should be forever. But when I found out she had taken a secret post office box in a different town and opened a bank account under her own name and started stuffing it full of money I knew the jig was up and filed for divorce. It was only after I remarried to a really good woman did I realize the emotional abuse I had endured over the years.

  25. A woman going to college is not an education it’s an indoctrination a brain washing & I avoid those woman at all costs

  26. Its interesting how extramarital affairs and sexual preferences/satisfaction aren’t included in the study when they are highly contributing to divorce rates too.

  27. It’s easy to initially date but hard to maintain a relationship or marriage a lot of distractions and options for women the hypergamy is real the grass is not always greener on the other side facts o😮

  28. Only 2% of men are over 6 feet tall and clear 100k a year but it’s okay ladies, you can just share a winner instead of having a loser all to yourself…

    But for real, find a man before your late twenties then lace up your shoes and run the race with him. Quit hanging out at the fucking finish line, it’s disrespectful and you probably aren’t much of a prize anyway…

  29. I blame the Federal Reserve for needing to have two incomes in a household. For a man to be the sole breadwinner and the woman be a stay-at- home mom is extremely difficult to achieve these days.

  30. I thought it was "Until death do us part" but was sadly mistaken. No man is safe from a divorce. I was married for 25 years, then thrown to the curb. There is no benefit for men to get married in today’s society, yet he risks losing everything in divorce and family court..

  31. Here’s my anecdotal evidence. Of all the women I know, the ones who fulfil normal roles in society, are *MUCH* happier then the highly educated women I know. I know a women who has two masters degrees and an undergrad, and guess what.. She’s divorced with depression and mental issues. On the other hand, I know *MANY* women who have large families with many kids, that stay at home, and mainly do house work, who have loving marriages and are very happy.

    Now, the issue with men is women taking over society and attempting to take more masculine roles. Statistically speaking, women are the least happy they’ve ever been, and men’s mental health is declining, whilst maintaining a consistent rate of +50% of all suicides.

    The solution; Go back to normal roles and keep everyone happy. Men like doing hard work and feeling empowered, whilst women prefer being at home and doing compassionate and agreeable things.

    Personally, I am going to be very careful in selecting a women I want to marry; Because for us guys, it doesn’t matter how many kids we have with her, or how much money.. It’s the fact she can take half our money and all our kids, and run.

    Our society needs normalcy.

  32. Promiscuity and decide to be bisexual is a choice ladies, and it cannot be erased from your history also will likely lead to lower happiness in their relationships,  marriage, and dating lives for sure. Be careful who you date gents because majority of people eyeball and judge couples in reality. Women that go to bars and nightclubs are not valuable gentlemen, so don’t  waste your time and money on them because it’s not worth it, plus they’ll use ya’ll for free drinks, attention, and reject guys just for fun, be careful with the METOO allegations especially with the Roe V Wade reversal. Eyes, images, vibes, and tears don’t lie.
    And women never reveal their true bodycounts fellas. Also good girls don’t tell as well.

    Like Kevin Samuels said, "Women never leave men that they admire." And now a days men don’t need to give women attention, talk to, flirt with, validation, especially validation to ya’ll in reality thanks to social media and certain online dating apps. Heads up gents, most women tend to perform fake orgasms and not truthful on #datingapps as well.socialmeadia #youtubeshorts #soulfood #WTF #BFF #DM #BBL #atheist #talent #talented #swag #trends #trending #EllenDeGeneres #empire #wendywilliams #MichelleObama #datingmarket #viraltiktok #viraltiktoks #candaceowens #ericabanks #dababy #metoo #Elonmusk #gamer #gamers #pnbrock #Southside #photo #photos #photoshop #photoshops #photoshopped #DariusmcCrary #moesha #heaven #angel #angels #thumbnail #thumbnails #familyfeud #hashtag #hashtags #queenLatifah #Kimfields #kimcoles #terrellowens #PUA #speeddating #speeddate #vannawhite #wheeloffortune #gameshows #gameshow #jeopardy #Alextrebek #letsmakeadeal #thepriceisright #youngandtherestless #boldandthebeautiful #soapopera #divorcecourt #trina #celineDion

  33. People need to ACTUALLY be faithful instead of justifying being unfaithful and selfish, this would help a lot.

  34. Successful long term relationships are not based on romantic love. They are based on just three things – shared goals, shared values, and mutual respect. Apparently those three things are very rare to find nowadays otherwise the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high.

  35. The part about gender norms is impossible. The reason why is men are able to adapt to the changing times but women can’t . You can have a man that does house work ,cooks,cleans,takes care of the kids and the woman will still lose respect for him . So the reason why gender norms don’t change is because of women not men. This is why men are leaving cuz we know that women will never change unless it benefits them directly. It’s going to continue to get worse to the point we’re in the next ten years the 80-20 rule will be flipped in favor of men . I’m gonna get real serious for a sec , what’s going on right now is causing the decline of the human race and all ideologies aside we need to fix this before it’s to late.

  36. Wow 😅😂 this video fuckkkkkkk
    That’s her “job” being a stay at home parent is TWO FULL TIME JOBS even if the mum is home her husband SHOULD still do labour mental and physical inside and outside home wow honestly the fact that you have half a million subscribers shocks me
    you don’t even have kids !!!

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