Women Winning Divorce – Divorce and the Stay-at-Home Mom

Women Winning Divorce – Divorce and the Stay-at-Home Mom

Deciding to divorce is a difficult decision.

In this episode, Heather Quick, Owner and Attorney of Florida Women’s Law Group, discusses the difficultly women who are stay at home mothers and raise their children experience when going through divorce.

• She has given up her career, education and earning potential to be the provider at home. Sacrificing her ambitions to support those of her husband.
• This fear of the unknown can keep women in unhappy marriages.

Heather talks about how a stay-at-home mom tends to worry about how she will pay for the divorce, support herself and her children, retirement, and where she will live, all without access to money and what things she can do to prepare and help take control of the situation.

This program was created to provide tips and insight to women with family law issues. It is not intended to be legal advice because every situation is different.

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