Would You Marry Someone Who's Been Divorced Twice?

Would You Marry Someone Who's Been Divorced Twice?

Idris Elba is about to be married for the third time, so Steve Harvey asked his Straight Talk panel (Keri Hilson, Christine Larkin, and Dr. Tiffany Davis Henry) is they’d draw the line if their S.O. was married twice.

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  1. Three times CAN be the charm! I’ve seen it many times. Also, maybe those divorces were not his fault…

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  3. Marriage is a sacred thing & should be taken seriously… Divorced twice?…I would think twice about that person, but to each is their own…

  4. I understand what they are trying to say with "it gives you experience" but marriage isn’t a practice game. You’re supposed to do it once. You can find out what you like and don’t like by DATING. And if the person has been married 2 times, they are showing that they continually make bad decisions and don’t fully research and know a person before committing their life to them. Hard pass.

  5. my sister got married twice and she still is married to her second husband she if the second marriage failed that’s it she done

  6. Dated a man who was married twice…he didnt want to get married he wanted the benefits but no.commitment so I went on..

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  8. I did that. I was my ex husband’s third wife. Now I know better. Love just ain’t enough to keep a marriage together.

  9. Steve was playing with her, he was a little too hard on her, it was funny, but he missed the point of her questions.

  10. I think.. it shouldn’t freakin matter. Sometimes things just don’t work out. But if you’re serial at anything, I think it raises a a bit of a red flag.
    2 divorces.. ish happens.
    5 divorces.. something ain’t right about the person.

  11. Depends on the divorce reasons, how long marriage was, people have diffrent reasons. Can’t be narrow minded

  12. My late stepmother was my dad’s third wife and it was his longest marriage until she passed. He was completely devastated. It can work.

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  14. He left his first wife there was no reason for him to divorce her and according to God he is still married to her stay in your binding covenant.

  15. If you are the type of woman that assumes "omg more than once…so there is something wrong with him" then it’s better that you stay away. Too many reasons out there why the first 2 didn’t work out.

  16. I thought the same thing with a woman once. She was divorced twice and I thought she was the committing type and just wasn’t with the right men before. Boy was I wrong. She was abusive, a liar, and a cheater. Third marriages have a failure rate at 75 pct. Second ones are around 60 and firsts around 45. You’d have to be the dumbest person on earth to marry someone on their third. Besides who really wants to be the third husband or wife? You can try to figure it out all you want. At the end of the day they just aren’t cut out for it and should not be allowed to remarry.

  17. Is good to take in consideration the reasons why the person got divorced. There are situation people have no control of , example some one that lie to them through out dating and after married they find out that person cheated or lie in other things. As well as meeting some one w that lives oversees that made preeend to be something the person was not. Also abusive people that the person didn’t know they were abusive before marriage will any one stay w situations like that ? It depends on situations and we should not Judge

  18. I think even if he’s married twice you must to make a relationship for years to now the badness and goodness and of course to ask him if his ex if you could see her one day why they have been divorced

  19. Men. Don’t bother with marriage. You get all the benefits and none of the detriments of a relationship by dating. In today’s day and age, majority of divorces are initiated by women who have a change of heart (aka, you lost your job/money, they see a man they want to chase after, they obsess about not being happy all the time, etc. etc.). On top of that, men statistically get LESS intimacy and play time with their girl once they’re married. She has all the leverage and will use it over time to get what she wants, like a carrot on a stick. Don’t be a donkey. Let’s keep it a stack – most women don’t know what they really bring to a relationship (that a man values) besides their beauty and sex. And a ton of them actually think that’s all they need too!

    Isn’t it weird that women typically want a man who is is taller, makes more, has confidence, will take a bullet (literally be willing to die for her), provide for the family and her lifestyle – aka the traditional male role – PLUS looks and good sex before even going on a DATE with him, but she has no idea how to be a traditional wife and the thought of it is offensive to them?

    Nah. Be the player. These women are playing men throughout their youth. They date broke men, then date middle income men, then date the older established men like me, and then ignore the broke men and the middle income men and STILL look around for someone with more status and more money and more security than the guy she’s with. Why the hell should men give up their bachelor status for girls that keep trading in men? Why commit unless you sincerely want kids in the near future and found a girl that actually WANTS to be at home with them and WANTS to make sure your home is clean and bill payments get sent and holds down all the little things while you go out there and slay the dragons? Fellas. For real. If she isn’t amplifying YOUR abilities by supporting you on the back end, she’s just pretending to be a man with a vajayjay.

  20. Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Divorce is not permitted for dedicated and conscientious followers of the Lord Christ.
    As he both forbids divorce…."What God has joined together let not man put asunder". [KJV]
    Along with remarriages.

    "9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
    10 When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus about this.

    11 He answered, "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. 12 And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery."
    Mark 10:8-12 (ANIV)

    "32 But the man" [or woman] "who commits adultery is an utter fool,
    for he destroys himself.
    33 He will be wounded and disgraced.
    His shame will never be erased."
    Prov 6:32-33 (NLT)

  21. Steve is on his third wife, yet people are on here ( YouTube and his show) for his wisdom and decision making. I would just get to know the person. To assign blame without knowing the circumstances speaks volumes on both my and that person’s decision making skills. If I meet a woman who was divorced twice, I wouldn’t write them off as a victim, or damaged or as a poor decision maker. There is shared blame in most divorces. I would just take the time to get to know them and not compromise myself in the process. You may miss out on something amazing.

  22. That’s just life , some people got it right the first time , it’s not on easy road oooooooh , because for example , one person went into the marriage with a true heart , while some only looking for what they can achieve for what ever the selfish reason/s maybe , some are givers and some are takers , some cheaters , beaters , etc etc , and many times people make excuses for the red flags when that’s the time to run , 🥰🥰🥰

  23. I have been divorced before, my husband also was divorced when i met him, but trust me, if i divorce this time, i Will never marry again, and if someone keeps trying like it s a game or something, it’s a RED FLAG, when we divorce the first time we should be able to get it right after that, and correct our mistakes, if not, the circle will repeat itself

  24. If I found out the woman i’m thinking of marrying has been married twice already, red flag are launching up the flag pole, air raid klaxons and screaming and emergency lights are blinking in my eyes. Now that doesn’t mean i’m going to send her packing, but i’m going to dig a lot deeper into what’s up before I go buy a ring. And to the good looking lady sitting next to Steve (Kari?), she don’t want a prenup? Just wait lady. You finally find a man you want, you’re going to make him sign one.

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