You May Not Need a Divorce Lawyer If…

You May Not Need a Divorce Lawyer If…

You may not need to spend money on hiring a divorce lawyer if all 5 of the following pertains to you. #divorce #divorceintexas #divorcelawyer

Hi everyone! My name is a Lena Nguyen and I’m a divorce lawyer licensed in Texas, California, and New York. I created this platform to provide you with helpful insight to assist you with your divorce and life after divorce. Next with Lena Nguyen is all about helping you enter the NEXT phase, write the NEXT chapter, and climb the NEXT step in life.

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  1. Show up to a gunfight unarmed expect to get raped (not in a nice way; in a legal way with yellow legal note pads in a court room) 👍🏻okay enjoy the divorce guys

  2. You don’t need a lawyer if these 5 things apply to you.

    *Literally nothing applys to anyone* 😭🫠

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