Young Bae Faces Her Abusive Dad For The First Time | Black Ink Crew

Young Bae Faces Her Abusive Dad For The First Time | Black Ink Crew

Bae finally faces her father years after fleeing Korea and tries to get answers for why he treated her and her family so violently, leading to an emotional blow out. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, help is available. Head to for more resources.

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  1. Most korean fathers who come to the us looking for a better life don’t get that and become alcoholics and abuse they kids i went thru this

  2. Tbh the dad doesn’t look mean or abusive. Just saying this is the first epi or whatever I’m watching….no offense but it looks like she is the mean one. I HOPE THAT WASN’T OFFENSIVE. (or the dad is just nice now) ok nevermind I don’t know about what I just said now I don’t make sense…

  3. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, help is available. Head to for more resources.

  4. I am absolutely balling my eyes out. This was such an emotional day for you and I don’t this you got closure. I hope you heal well. Blessings

  5. She ain’t really give him a chance to speak. You can tell she needed to get that hurt off her chest and people were saying he was trying hard not to laugh. I think that’s just his face. Closer to the end he had tears in his eyes. I think he’s come to terms that he messed up and I doesn’t expect forgiveness. I think if it was in a private setting, it could’ve went better

  6. They say… that Changed Behavior is the Best Apology u can ever give… I pity her father…as a person.. I will Pray for Bae…we all need to pray for Bae.. 😔

  7. Parents who are abusive learned it from their parents…or harbour some time of hurt…at some point, someone needs to end this cycle! I hope she heals and ends the cycle!

  8. I understand she’s hurt but the screaming was a little annoying but I know she’s hurt from what he did to her 🥺

  9. the woman should just let her dad talk rather than keep shouting and sht if she wants to fix their issue but all i see here is she just want a revenge to her dad by shouting at him which she cannot do without the other people around

  10. And he is smiling throughout this? I feel for her so bad. She’s best just moving on. Also damn she looks beautiful with that red lip and smokey eye

  11. I’m watching from South Africa this is really said it got me crying I can feel the pain she had all this years

  12. This hit me so hard, like a pile of bricks. The abuse these sociopaths/abusers put you through is truly unbelievable, you have to work it out years down the line.

  13. Poor girl, I cried real tears seeing the turmoil and hearing the pain in her voice. She’s hurting badly and hopefully will seek counseling if she hasnt already as it doesn’t look like shes going to get the closure she’s looking for from her Dad.

  14. This hit so close to home. Her screams made me cry. It’s not fake, or for the screen. But people like that don’t care, and they won’t change. She needed to get that out. We tell ourselves we need to hear I’m sorry for closure, but that screaming all the pent up rage from the voice we didn’t have is something too. Screw em, be happy living your best life. At the end of the day, those people have problems within themselves. The biggest one being a coward

  15. I could never see my moms ex husband ever again if I did I would literally probably be so scared.
    She is brave for doing this.

  16. This women need to learn how to talk to people peacefully, can’t solve any problem if you are yelling and screaming

  17. I confronted my Dad as an Adult…he said it was stress and I was too beautiful…and walked away. I screamed for days and cried my eyes out..I feel for her so much.

  18. Damn that is so sad I was also abused also as a child, my dad had a very bad anger problem. My dad was from Iran, and I heard so many stories from his family and other family friends about cousins marrying each other and Iranian men bashing up their wife and kids at home. But I believe deep down our dads love us, but they don’t know how to show it? It took me many years to forgive my dad, but one day after talking to my cousins they told me how lucky I was to have a dad who is still alive when their dads had died. So after that day I put the past behind me and now me and dad talk and see each other on a regular basis now.

  19. Man she needs someone there with her to hold her hand. She should have had a therapist or counselor to sit there and mediate the conversation. The film crew was unprepared to do anything about this. And her father. Corona do ur thing

  20. It’s so sad that he only went to see her so that he could have peace of mind before he died. Completely selfish. Not even thinking about the closure that she needs but instead feels like if he spoke to her it would suddenly lift all of the bad things he’s ever done.

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