Your Divorce Your Choice!

Your Divorce Your Choice!

What all types of divorces exist under the UAE laws? Check out this amazing 2D animated video regarding the types of divorces under UAE laws by a renowned legal consultant in the UAE, Dr. Hassan Elhais. For more information, please see the details and links below.

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  1. Greetings, appreciate the information. My question is if a spouse opens a case for divorce base on false accusations and lies which result in ruining the partner’s reputation, causing mental stress and financial damage. Since the divorce was denied by appeal cassation court, can the victimize partner open a case of defamation or disobedience? The spouse refuse to live with her husband for more than 16 months and holding the kids from seeing or speaking to father and holding the kids passports. The husband have tried hiring three different lawyers to help his cause but made it more complicated and financially very difficult. Please advise 🙏

  2. What if there is no existing marriage certificate and it’s only fake?what will happen to the complaint?and what are the law can take place?

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