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Your Top Houston Divorce Lawyer | Mary E. Ramos | Ramos Law Group

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About Ramos Law Group: Our Houston Divorce Lawyers protect the things that matter most by focusing 100% of their effort in Divorce & Family Law. Our passion is to not only to deliver outstanding results but also to help you heal, find peace, and achieve happiness. We were founded by Mary E. Ramos, who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization who started her career as a family law attorney in 2004. She is well known and respected in the Houston divorce and family law community in Texas. Our team of divorce lawyers in Houston and support staff focus their efforts on delivering outstanding results while assuring that each client feels comfortable through the divorce process, are well-informed and are ready for the bright future ahead.

A contested divorce in Houston can be a challenging and emotionally draining process for the client, which requires a higher level of expertise than can be provided by most attorneys. Given this, who you choose to represent you in your divorce or family law case should be taken with great care.

Let’s not downplay the challenges involved in a divorce or family law case in Texas. Family law cases in Texas can be overwhelming, and clients sometimes struggle as they get pulled in many directions by the legal case, their family and while trying to maintain a stable household for the children. That’s where the Ramos Law Group comes in to reduce the pain and simplify the process by handling all the details and assuring you’re well-informed through the case. This allows you to focus on what you do best and your vision of the future. In our approach, with your input, we develop a strategy, an action plan, and continuously do a cost-benefit analysis to assure we are using your retainer wisely. Our goal is to add value in the process, so if we feel you’re getting off course or losing focus, we will immediately address the issue. This will allow you to understand the possible outcome and potential cost associated with the same.

At the Ramos Law Group, PLLC, our Houston divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are dedicated to assisting you through the process with minimal pain and helping to get you in the right state (mindset). During the consultation, we develop an action plan, explain the entire process, including what to expect and how the legal process works. If you’re ready to move forward, give us a call today: 713-225-6200.

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