Zeus Duramax Gettin' Sideways

Zeus Duramax Gettin' Sideways

Testing out the new Wehrli Fab 369sxe single turbo kit. Watch how much body roll this truck gets without sway bars connected. It feels a lot like a true pre runner with this much suspension travel but it also has very good road manners even with the sway bars disconnected.


  1. Ok some of the start videos aren’t long enough to show anything get rid of them and I hope u post more

  2. At first, i thought the pup was running from it, then realized he was egging you on by barking, "c’mon! Is that all you’ve got?"

  3. Today, April 27, 2021. I found this channel, and I am excited to anounce it is my new favorite channel. I am going to like and comment on every post from today, Unitl 10 Million. Mark My Words.

  4. That truck looks mea, like it could limb a mountin or drag 4 prius’s down the road. Nice donuts too.

  5. That was crazy!!! Get it Zeus!!! Even the pup was excited lol. That’s some serious πŸ”‹power. Vid#6

  6. Why do scammers get into comments section. I dont know where to report it, I tried screen shot but cant put it here.

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